Dybala breaks the silence in farewell to Juventus: his truth

Dybala breaks the silence in farewell to Juventus: his truth

As in the text of the already written epilogue, Paulo Dybala takes the burden and honor of writing the end of a long love and football story with Juventusa company that launched it definitively on the European scene after its debut.

The Argentine wanted to take the necessary space and present his version of the facts, in one of the most ambiguous and disturbing negotiations of the last part of the football season, on the eve of the end of the tournament and given the match against. Lazio.

Dybala takes off a few pebbles

Dybala He decided to break the silence and seize the reasons for his heart, those he attributes to “fate” to strengthen the bond with the Juventus fans who always supported him and surrounded him, even during the renewal meetings.

On Instagram, the message posted by the player is not subject to possible interpretations regarding the clarity of the separation from Juventusbut it settles on difficulties, differences in viewpoints and perhaps even some kind of difference regarding the leaders who made it incompatible with the new path.

Greetings to Juventus fans

“It’s hard to find the right words to greet you, so many years and so many feelings involved, together…
I thought we’d be together even more years, but fate puts us on different paths.
I will never forget everything you made me experience, every match and every goal.
With you I grew up, learned, lived and dreamed.
It’s been 7 years of magic, 12 trophies and 115 goals that no one will take away from us. never.
Thank you for supporting me in difficult times. Thank you to those who have accompanied me over the years: from first to last, from the fans to the people who work within the club, everyone, the coaches and my teammates, the staff and managers.
Wearing this important jersey and the captain’s armband has been one of the greatest pride of my life, and I hope to show it to my children and grandchildren one day.
Tomorrow will be my last game with this shirt, it’s hard to imagine, but it will be our last goodbye. It will not be easy, but I will enter the field with a smile with my head held high, knowing that I gave everything for you ”, we read on Instagram.

not very veiled Dybala He alludes to the negotiation that decided to banish him from Turin with the will of others differently from what was appreciated, so much so that in this post he emphasizes how his presence in Turin was by citing ingredients that strengthen the bond with the company and his fans, such as the captain’s badge and entanglement with family.

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Dybala-Inter deal

Instead, things are going in an opposite and opposite direction: the latter will be against Lazio Dybala with a shirt JuventusAnd Inter I suggested It aims to close an operation that will further strengthen the team available to Simon Inzaghi In running for the Scudetto after the epic Conte.

Inclusion of Roma and Mourinho in the negotiations

An operation led by Marotta and Oselio, which will have some kind of agreement in the face of which will be more complicated exhaustion of will Jose Mourinho To enlist the Argentine in the Roma cause, to win the Champions League that promised Roma fans a very specific deadline.

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