Drugs in the accused’s house

big brother vip

Even the most watched reality show in Italy has a “cane gate”: censorship is directed but it is too late. what are you doing now?

the GF VIP, so as not to miss anything, now also contains a file canna gate Like the case that broke out on the famous island. At the time it was Francesco Monti who ended up in the dock, accused of Eva Henger. Now, at the center of the controversy, the new contender has ended up barrow, grandson Costantino della Gherardesca. But what happened? Proceeding in order: Already shortly after he entered, Barrow confided in a very relaxed and calm manner that he had been smoking Knuckles ever since.”She is 14″. But in the past few hours, it seems we’ve gone from words to deeds.

Big Brother Vip, Barrow and the Barrel Gate

This was the case that unintentionally broke out Sophie Codejoni who spoke with Alessandro Bacciano in the sauna, and said that Barrow, during New Year’s Eve, did something serious. Trying to evade microphones big brother vip, the former tronista and former suitor of men and women, along with Mirjana Trevisan, holed up under the covers. Mirjana confirmed that Barrow was going to do something in common.

Also Lucrezia ‘Lulu’ Selassiè She would have realized what had happened, so much so that she would directly ask Costantino della Gherardesca’s nephew if this was really true. cane, receive a positive response. The same version was given Jessica Selassie. It should also be noted that when Sophie began circulating the case, the cleaver GF Vip, who monitored everything, was immediately dropped, separating the footage from Codegoni who was then called to “report” in confession.

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In short, there is a new reed gate after “Al Jazeera” that caused a hellish media frenzy. It remains to be seen if Barrow actually smoked a cigarette or not. And if that’s the case, we’ll have to explain how to bring him drugs to Most spy houses in Italy. And it is not even excluded that the man brought a cannabis light with him, which is legal in Italy.

The truth is, the episode has already sparked a loud can on social media. Many are wondering if the issue will become one of the topics covered by Alfonso Signorini in the upcoming prime-time episode, scheduled for Monday, January 3, 2022.

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