Drones invade Liceu

Drones invade Liceu

During Mobile Week, there's no better deal in Barcelona than a clean black Mercedes Vito van. They have arrived from all over Europe and we have seen them in double rows at the doors of all kinds of establishments in the city… On Monday, without going any further, there were a large number of them in Liceu.

The fact is that the celebration of the centenary of Telefónica brought together a large part of those attending the opening of the MWC on the same day. Mayor of Barcelona Jaume Colbone He arrived so punctually that the president of Telefónica José María Álvarez Pallete himself apologized for being a few seconds late and not being able to meet him at the foot of the Rambla. Then he entered the Liso Hall and met the great Pau Gasol. Close by was another Telefónica collaborator, no less famous, Chef Ferran Adrià. Neither the Minister of Digital Transformation, José Luis Escrivá, nor the Vice President of the State, Laura Villagra, overshadowed the host, but all eyes changed when Isidre Faini appeared. The president of Fundació Bancària La Caixa shows closeness, but is respected wherever he goes. He is not one of those who attend social events, but the occasion called for it. Centenary of Telefonica, at the Liceu and with a wonderful performance by the famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang. A unique and unrepeatable show, accompanied by drones flying above the audience with 5G-connected 3D images.

Before entering the audience, I was able to say hello to one of this week's winners. I'm referring to the head of the show, Pau Relat. A person who, as I have commented on other occasions, represents the example of reason and logic that citizens demand to head our institutions. The success of the mobile phone is also its success. We reportedly saw him talking to Josep Ollio. Incidentally, the president of Banco Sabadell has a new and important position starting this Monday. Olio chairs the bank's foundation, taking over the position left by Mikael Mullins, which has held a prominent position for more than 20 years. Olio will now have to speak regularly with the director of the Sonia Molero Foundation. A recognized professional, he has done a fantastic job and is much loved inside and outside of Sabadell.

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As I climbed the steps of the runway, I was able to notice how the marathon runner and drone pilot Alvarez Ballete, as he introduces himself on his Twitter (now, Inside, Angel Vela, CEO of Telefónica, explained in his convincing radio voice the benefits of the company as he greeted its president.

Full of “VIPs” and business people

We saw the president and CEO of Roman, Silvia Alsina, in her element, and there was the president of Roca Junyent, Joan Roca; Attorney Pau Mullins; Havas President Alfonso Rhodes; President of the RACC, Josep Mateu; Chamber of Commerce, Josep Santacro; EL PERIÓDICO Director Albert Saez; and Telefónica's friendly and efficient Global Communications Director, Eva Fernández. Counselor Joan Ignasi Elena went unnoticed, but reappeared Xavier Trias Who had been missing a bit for a few days. Jordi Romanach makes his debut as the new president of Dircom Catalunya, who is doing a good job managing communications and corporate relations at El Corte Inglés. Other recognized entrepreneurs include Luis Varga and his wife Vivian Hartmann, Gonzalo Rudes and Irene Vidal. I couldn't see Víctor Font, but his Instagram account left a trace of his presence.

After the show, Telefónica's Global Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Eduardo Navarro, and Director of Brand, Sponsorship and Media, Rafa Fernández de Alarcón, always attentive to all the details, had a conversation with the friendly and approachable pianist. Lang Lang, unlike other stars in the music world, never had a “no” for anyone. Prensa Ibérica's General Director, Sergi Guillou, was able to prove this. And so, little by little, between selfies and some confidence, the shiny black Mercedes Vito disappeared down the Rambla.

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