Thousands against Sanchez and

Thousands against Sanchez and
to Virginia Nessi from Madrid

Calle Ferraz remains a protest site. Puigdemont is in prison, the PSOE kneels, Spain stands, and they shout loudly

Madrid – November 10, 8pm, the ninth night in a row. For the ninth time, Spanish men and women return to Calle Ferraz, In front of the headquarters of the Socialist Workers’ Party, in protest against Pedro Sanchez and the amnesty for the Catalans

National U ni t. National U-NI-T, they are a choir. A boy holds a sign: The Socialist Workers’ Party takes a knee. Spain rises. Whistling alternates with singing.

There are thousands of them: Men, women, children, entire families. Protest crosses generations and political parties. There’s the president of the Dennis Foundation, a branch of the Vox Party, Even Flaz. He says: We need A general strike paralyzes Spain. Protesters every day. We must fight these tyrants. In Calle Ferraz Even socialists raise their voices. Jess, 73, comments: I was a member of a left-wing party, but that’s enough. I only have negative names for Snchez. We need Meloni in Spain

Carmen’s words blare from a small speaker. He shouts: Puigdemont is in prison. Puigdemont is in prison. Then he repeats the sounds in the background: police u-ni-sci-ti. U-Ni-Say-T police. He speaks with pride about the young people sitting in the front rows, stuck in front of the barriers for hours. He explains: Everything is peaceful here, there is no violence. A movement of boys and girls aged 20-25 that we, the older ones, join (he’s 69 years old) Mr. Dr). arousing. Then he points his finger to a sign in the corner. Sanchez, there are also socialists here but not thieves. She points out that these are socialists who are fed up with Pedro Sanchez.

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close, Teresa, 77, proudly shows us the whistle around her neck and the flag on her shoulders. Since the first day of the protests, she has not missed a single demonstration: I go out into the streets every day, and this evening my husband also accompanied me, and he usually stays at home. I am a woman who defends the rule of law and what is happening is not right at all.

He nods Ince, 63 years oldAs she explains what drives her to return to Ferraz every day: We have a capitulating president who wants to divide Spain like the Balkans. When I was sixteen, I was one of those who took to the streets to demand approval of the Constitution, and I was a socialist at that time. now? I will leave PSOE and vote for PP. Enns must raise his voice to make himself understood. The songs, punctuated by flags fluttering in the air, do not stop: Spain is not 51 (as many provinces) Mr. Dr). Spain for everyone. Spain is defending itself, not selling itself.

48 hours before the election, Sánchez said he would not grant independence and then did the opposite. Electoral fraud, says Mara Goss, 40, before repeating, almost as if reading to himself, the phrase written on the banner: Sanchez is a traitor.

At the crossroads, a couple embraces each other inside the Spanish flag. It remains in a bubble of silence within the block. Disgust remains in the expressions of many. In the arms of many there is a sign of bitterness. Esther, 48, did not grow her hair long throughout the interview. Tells: Tonight the other daughter is missing because she is working but I am here with the whole family. She is 11 years old and she should know what is happening because it is not normal: negotiating with certain parties to stay in Moncloa is not normal. Martina, his youngest daughter, smiles. She, too, like her mother, holds hands: I like politics and all of this doesn’t seem right to me. Father looks at her with a certain pride. Esther then adds: My parents took to the streets to protest against fascism and there was no social media at that time. Today we are also invited to demonstrations, thanks to the Internet, where there is virtual word of mouthSo it is no longer enough to stay at home and see others raise their voices. We need to take to the streets because this affects us all. We will be there tomorrow too.

the November 12 at 12 Organized the Popular Party Demonstrations in all Spanish provincial capitals. L, reminds us that we are a democratic country with the rule of law,” said PP President Alberto Nez Viejo. In Madrid, a crowd gathers against the amnesty Puerta del Sol. In Barcelona, ​​Vox Secretary General Ignacio Garriga calls everyone together at 12 p.m. San Jaime Square. Just a few days ago, Vox party leader Santiago Abascal specified that the agreement between PSOE and Junts opens a new phase in the country: A dark period begins In the history of Spain. A coup has been launched against the nation. Let’s start one Civil resistance Which will be long and has only one end: either the dictator is in the dock or we who oppose the coup are in prison.

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When the first fireworks exploded on Calle Ferraz, many demonstrators abandoned the protest. After 10 p.m., a small group threw plastic and glass bottles, smoke bombs, and rocket launchers at the police. Meanwhile, many arrived at Congress in tents Spend the night in front of the Spanish Parliament. The tension increases as the hours pass. Late in the evening, officers arrested at least nine people. The restaurant owner leaves aside optimism: tomorrow may be worse than the last few days.

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