Don't remember where you parked your car? This trick will save you, few people know it

Don't remember where you parked your car?  This trick will save you, few people know it

Let's face it, everyone has at least once forgotten where they parked their car. This system will prevent this from happening again

It happens to everyone, even the most attentive and diligent drivers, to have a bad day when their memory may not be working as it should. This may be due to distractions caused by hectic daily life or a series of reasons that can make you more distracted and less attentive than usual. In short, in the end, you forgot where you parked your car. And now?

How to remember where you parked your car, all you need is an app –

It can happen in large parking lots, Especially those in shopping malls They are so large that they require different numbers, letters, or even colors depending on the department to remind the owner where they left their car.

Don't panic though: there is There are many ways To find out where you may have left your car which doesn't necessarily include a random search box after building or parking lot after parking lot. One of these things is so intuitive that you'll feel a little sorry you didn't think of it sooner. In fact, it is enough to rely on the GPS application par excellence.

Have you forgotten where you parked your car? Google will take care of it

The answer to this age-old question comes from Google Maps, a well-known geolocation service that allows motorists to choose and follow travel routes. Simply type in an address and the system will study the ideal itinerary for you, as long as it knows your location from the options on your mobile phone.

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This is how Google Maps helps you find your car in a parking lot –

What few people know is that your smartphone This process can be completed Only if you provide the correct permissions. At the same time, you must always let Google Maps know your exact location, which is a necessary option to activate the service. Second, you need the app to be able to track your fitness activities, as the system calls them.

At this point, the app will automatically know what general location it is in I left the car. If you want even more precision, you can always connect your smartphone to the car's infotainment systems via Google and touch the blue dot that appears on the map, literally selecting the 'Parking Location' option on your chosen device.

An instant, easy-to-implement, and even distraction-resistant option. All you need is a smartphone and your car will appear again.

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