Does your child ride the subway alone? You are the “worst mother in the world”

Does your child ride the subway alone?  You are the “worst mother in the world”

American journalist Lenore Skenazy won the title of worst mother in America for years. Several television networks' talk shows slammed her and accused her of putting her 9-year-old son, Izzy, in “terrible danger.” Lenore's crime was simply allowing her son to cross New York alone. Nano was able to take the subway and the bus from a certain point in the city to reach his home. He was safe and sound, something unimaginable in this age of over-parenting and over-protection.

Instead of indulging in the brutal criticism America's Worst Mother received, she became an activist for a free childhood. At least it is freer than that imposed by society – American, but also European – which considers parental negligence for a child to walk alone in the city. Convinced that children's freedom leads to responsible, independent adults, Lenore led the Free Children movement. She currently heads the NGO Let Grow and is the author of Niños libres. How parents and teachers should let go and grow.

Lenore Skenazy (Chicago, USA, 1959) is convinced that children need freedom in order to mature. So, on any given Sunday, she and her husband charted a new path for their son, Izzy. They drove him to Bloomingdale's and gave him a thorough explanation of how to get home. An hour and a half later, after taking the metro and the bus, he arrived home. The dwarf felt happy. And his parents are proud.

Lenore, a journalist, decided to write an article explaining the ordeal. It was titled “Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone” (Why I let my 9-year-old ride the subway alone). The perfect storm has been unleashed. Aside from appreciating this initiative to enhance her son's independence, Lenore earned the title of the worst mother in America, the woman who risked killing her son, beating him, kidnapping him, or torturing him on any street in Nova York. “Lenore, how would you feel if your son didn't come home?” some curious socialites asked.

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“I couldn't believe it,” Lenore explained to the American journalist and propagandist Johann Hari, who recently interviewed her at her home for the purpose of writing one of the chapters of her article The Value of Attention. “To be a good American mother, you have to believe that you have to live attached to your child because when he is halfway there, he may not be there for you. Only a bad mother takes her eyes off her child,” Lenore complained.

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“In many cases, childhood develops within four walls. When children are able to play, they do so under adult supervision, or through screens,” Harry explains in his book, which reveals the fact: in the United States only 73% of elementary schools It has some fun activities. The publicity expert adds that, immersed in a performance society, “British and American education systems have been redesigned by politicians, and teachers are forced to spend most of their time preparing students for exams.”

“Children today are smarter and stronger than our culture gives them credit for. We fight to make it easy, natural and legal to give children the independence they need to grow into capable, confident, happy adults. When we let them go, we let them grow.” That's how Let Grow presents itself, an organization that should cause more than one mom to hyperventilate.

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