Move the cursor on the computer with your mind

he is called Noland Arbaugh And I stayed completely Paralyzed from the shoulders down Due to a diving accident eight years ago. and he Neuralink's first patientHe was the first person to have a telepathy chip implanted in his brain to allow him to use electronic devices with the power of thought alone. The operation that took place in January was successful, and it was “It's very simple, I left the hospital the next day“, Noland himself declared in video Who posted Neuralink and the owner and founder of the company himself, Elon Musk, on First experiment on humans From this very small system of 64 wires, 1024 electrodes and a wireless battery that will allow those who no longer have the ability to move to regain independence at least in interacting with smartphones and computers.

Playing chess and civilization

Noland Arbo likes chess. So the first demo recorded in the video is specifically a screenshot of a chess game on a PC, where The walker is moved by the patient himself through thought. We see the cursor moving on the screen without anyone touching the touchpad with their fingers. “Like a magician!” sums up the Starlink engineer next to him. “practically, It's like thinking I apply force on the cursor and I'm able to move it whenever I want. “I just have to stare at something on the screen,” Noland adds. Once he had full control of the system, he says, he stayed up until 6 a.m. playing games civilization VI, A video game he can no longer use independently and which he was so excited about before the accident. Then he says it It is learning new foreign languagesJapanese and a little French.

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A system that is still not perfect

Noland then admits that the system is not yet perfect: “We have a lot of work to do, we still have a lot to learn about the brain and we find ourselves running into problems. I don't want people to think we're at the end of the journey. But it really changed my life and I want to be part of something that I feel can change the world. “There's nothing to be afraid of.” Ten minutes of the video provide a concrete demonstration of what Neuralink has been working on since 2016. As we explain here, the telepathy chip consists of five elements: capsule The outermost one (the one containing the implant and anchored to the brain) is “biocompatible,” one Drums Which can be shipped from abroad, ie chip The part of the electronics that translates brain signals and transmits them to devices, and finally any 1024 electrodes distributed over 64 wires Very thin tubes connected to the brain. Then there is the process. Microscopic-sized wires can only be implanted by a robot: ultra-sensitive optics and Needle “thinner than a hair” To “weave” circuits in the brain. The system is then connected to Human-machine interface Which allows the patient user to perform actions on the screen thanks to thought.

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