Final Fantasy XII: Gamemaster debunks an old theory to fans about the bash

Final Fantasy XII: Gamemaster debunks an old theory to fans about the bash

Yasuke Matsuno, Game Director Final Fantasy 12has debunked an old fan theory about the game that has been circulating practically since its launch in 2006, according to which it initially Bach von Rosenberg It should have been The main character From the story and not van.

This thesis was recently discussed on Twitter in a thread that talked about how the thirty-year-old Clive Rosfield from Final Fantasy 16 would actually be the “oldest” main hero in the Square Enix saga. Matsuno also entered the discussion, who mentioned it The guesses about bash are fundamentally wrong.

As we were able to tell you in a special dedicated to the genesis of Final Fantasy 12 a few years ago, the game experienced a turbulent development, with Matsuno having to give up work on the most beautiful, apparently due to health problems, even if some Corridor rumors speak of disagreements with Square Enix due to budget overruns, schedule delays, and technical differences.

Such shades on evolution, combined with a more mature setting that tells the story of politics and war, has been fertile ground for a theory that for years was considered very credible, according to what Matsuno originally said of Bash as the main protagonist, the first. Captain of the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca, regarded by his countrymen as a traitor accused of killing his own king. Tortured man darker and “mature” (in FF12 he is 36 years old) compared to the young Van and the other heroes in the main games of the series.

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This choice, according to some fans, would be precisely that One reason for the differences It was between Matsuno and the management, who wanted a younger main character and in line with the series’ standards. But there is clearly no truth in that.

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