Miley's government has completed 35 days with 32 deaths behind it

Miley's government has completed 35 days with 32 deaths behind it
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Argentine security agencies and forces have ended the lives of 32 people since the country's current president, Javier Miley, took office 35 days ago, according to data from the Coordinator for Combating Police and Institutional Repression (CORRUPI).

“It has only been 35 days since the government of Miley as president and Bullrich as security minister. Already 32 people have been killed by repressive state forces,” Corybe said in a post on the social media network X, formerly known as Twitter.

Specifically, the social organization identified that twelve of the victims were shot dead “for a simple reason,” that is, due to police violence, 16 of the deaths occurred in prisons or police stations, and one of the other crimes was “the killing of women in uniform.” The remaining three were “intra-family murders.”

In this regard, Correpi expressed his regret that “with the approval of the 'comprehensive' law, which legitimizes the easy trigger and deepens the entire repressive policy, we can only expect the scenario to worsen.”

The head of the committee explained, “These 32 deaths at the hands of state agencies are the only cases that we learned about through the media or through direct consultation, which indicates that when we systematically research this year, there will be more of them.” By the Coordinator for Combating Repression and Institutional Violence (COREBI), lawyer María del Carmen Verdo, in statements compiled by local Argentine media.

“These shocking numbers already point to a trend that can only be explained on the basis of the decisions and initiatives already taken by the government since last December 10,” Verdoux noted, defending that they cannot “allow this repressive policy to advance further.” .

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The lawyer said, “We must confront this attempt to impose a state of emergency while suspending rights and guarantees with unity, organization and struggle.”

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