Does it cost a lot to buy a graphics card? There are those who build them at home: new technology

Does it cost a lot to buy a graphics card?  There are those who build them at home: new technology

The cost of graphics cards is starting to rise again and GPUs are becoming increasingly expensive: someone is solving the problem by building one at home.

if The console market is very boomingS and leading Sony And Nintendo Continuing to sell millions of units every year, the reason is simple: create a Computer Games cost money 3 times more Even the most powerful design that can be made on the market after 6 months will always be replaced by a more performing design.

Developer Barrie created this GPU from scratch and it works with current computers –

The problem with PC gaming is that the companies that produce the central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), RAM, and hard drive They are constantly developing new devices to bring to the marketimproving and surpassing the main products of a few months ago even if they are the ones you produce.

What fuels this vicious circle is the fierce competition in this sector and the need not to fall behind, but The players are the ones paying the price, which is almost always found with computers on which video games do not run to their full potential. The only way an enthusiast can be sure that his console is superior to others in terms of results is to do so.Continuous purchase of new partsGame not worth it.

High cost graphics card? There are those who get around it by creating it themselves

The cost of PC components is actually very high, even more so for top-of-the-line components that have just been released. There is no doubt that GPUs top the cost rankingswhich in extreme cases can cost thousands of euros, which is the price for which you can create two complete designs, medium and low.

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The developer builds the GPU from scratch
Exciting achievement: Barry created a GPU capable of running 90s games at high resolution

Among the reasons why graphics cards are so expensive is there as well A huge AMD-Nvidia duopoly. If it is true that the two leading companies in this sector outsource the construction to third-party companies, effectively allowing custom versions of their GPUs, it is also true that the graphics card infrastructure depends on them.

The only company trying to challenge this duopoly and offer a viable alternative is Intel (already the leader in the CPU industry). For some time now, in fact, Intel decided to produce graphics processing units that are not integrated into its processorsI, the price is definitely lower than the competition and the results are encouraging, although they are lower in terms of performance than those of the competition.

There are also people like developer Dylan Barrie who built the GPU from scratch himself. Software developer for the gaming industry for 12 yearsBarry started working on his GPU 4 years ago He only recently completed his work and named it FuryGPU.

This is a card Graphics compatible with operating systems And the Modern components, but with limited power. Currently, in fact, the first version of the FuryGPU is only able to run high-resolution video games produced in the 1990s, that is, those that were the first to exploit polygonal 3D modeling.

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