The phone is slow, what does it depend on? Maybe you are using it incorrectly

The phone is slow, what does it depend on?  Maybe you are using it incorrectly

All smartphones sooner or later get old and start becoming slow, with apps crashing or not launching. In this article we collect some tips on how to improve your phone's performance to make it last longer and remove the 'slow' tag.

Some tips to keep your phone from performing “slow” – (Credit: Alexander Supertramp/shutterstock)

A smartphone may start to feel “slow” or crash more and more at some point in its life. Why? The reasons can be “natural”, meaning that after a few years the smartphone starts showing signs of aging, it is inevitable. Typically, a mid to high range smartphone at the time of purchase may work wonders for three or four years before it shows signs of failure. These may happen sooner depending on the cost of the device. In fact, it is not possible for a €100 smartphone, for example, to last five or six years without problems. A premium smartphone, on the other hand, is supposed to come with a high-end processor and components that can last longer. However, all phones age sooner or later and show signs of slow operation, apps that freeze or don't start, and more. Why? And how can you help your smartphone last longer? Fortunately, there are effective tools and methods that can help solve any problems Performance issues with your smartphone.

Slow phone, some tips to make it faster

Aside from the processor, which may become obsolete over the years, it is important that the device performs well in terms of software. the Software updates It should allow you to resolve compatibility and security issues, as well as provide the latest versions of the operating system to provide access to new features or new applications.

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A person holds a smartphone in his hand during a software update
Updating your smartphone software is always a good thing – (Credit: McLittle Stock/shutterstock)

However, it may happen that software updates end up overloading the device and itself being a cause of system slowdown. You might think that not updating the software would be enough. However, this is not recommended, as not updating the software may in turn prevent important issues from being resolved. Therefore, it is a good idea to check that your device software is always updated to the latest version available.

Another tip is to deactivate “”Energy saving' which can be activated automatically or manually by mistake. In fact, this mode limits the phone's performance to extend battery life.

Restart your phone when it appears slow

This may seem simple and stupid, but often times a slow phone issue can be solved with a simple problem Restart the smartphone. In fact, turning your device off and on again allows you to close apps that have been left open in the background. The more applications you don't use and that are open in the background, the more your system's performance degrades. Rebooting your phone is a procedure that should be done at least once a week, costs nothing and takes very little time. Some smartphones also offer an “auto restart” option, such as the Samsung Galaxy, which allows you to set the phone to turn on and off automatically periodically.

Alternatively, you can force them to close Applications No longer in use so don't leave it open in the background.
On Android, simply open the open apps drawer, swipe sideways until you find the app you want to close, and swipe up in the preview to close it, or you can select the “Force stop” option on the page of the individual app you want it to close in. Settings > Applications.
In the iOS environment, from the iPhone home screen, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen and stop in the center of the screen (whereas on older models just press the Home button twice), then swipe to the side until you find the app to close and swipe up on the preview to close it.

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Free up memory space from files you no longer need

Another useful tip to try to improve your smartphone's performance is Free up device memory, local, not any external memory. The more you remove files that are no longer needed, the more useless stuff your system will get rid of. Not only documents, videos or photos but also applications. Apps you're not using are eating up memory anyway, so why not uninstall them? If you use an app once or twice a year, install it when needed and then remove it. As for media and documents, they can be physically transferred to the computer or external memory, or they can be transferred to a cloud storage service so that they can be accessed at any time on the smartphone, with the difference that they do not take up much space. Local space.

Samsung Galaxy screen
On Samsung Galaxy smartphones, it is possible to improve performance in “Device & Battery Assist” – (Credit: Samsung)

Speaking of freeing up local space, remember that those who receive and send a lot of media via WhatsApp can pose a problem. Because the application, when installed in the phone's memory, saves it in the local memory, which takes up a lot of space. To free up memory, it is recommended to delete multimedia files received or sent from WhatsApp that are no longer needed by entering the system folder. whatsapp/media/ (Information:

Useful references

Above we have tried to provide some general suggestions to try to solve any performance issues in your smartphone. However, we leave you below with a set of links to the main official online support pages that can help resolve any slow issues with the smartphone. Users Samsung Galaxy They can contact the page Owners A iPhone They can contact Single owners Google Pixel smartphone You can find useful information on the page Finally, the owners of A Generic Android device You can find useful information on the web page

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