Does artificial intelligence predict the future? For now he anticipated the present

Does artificial intelligence predict the future?  For now he anticipated the present

There seem to be no limits to the potential of artificial intelligence. Will she become a muse who predicts the future?

Some have already asked AI to make predictions about future events. However, at the moment, she seems to be able to predict the current present rather than the future.

Does AI really have a kind of crystal ball to read the future? – website

A team of researchers asked the company for artificial intelligence to predict the future Max Planck Institute for Photoscience In Germany. The experiment has already been implemented and the results of the German study have shown this The AI ​​got almost all of its predictions right.

What did artificial intelligence predict in its digital crystal ball? Alien invasion? Robot revolution? Or some kind of apocalypse, perhaps due to climate breakdown?

Will ChatGPT really be able to tell us what will happen in the future?

None of this. At the moment, there are no scenarios Minority report. More modestly, researchers at the Max Planck Institute They asked the software to make predictions about the progress the AI ​​itself is making.

What artificial intelligence predicts for the future
Here are the predictions of artificial intelligence –

It has become almost impossible for researchers to follow the glut of scientific publications in the field of artificial intelligence and keep up with the progress being made.

Hence the idea of ​​an international team led by Mario Crane Create an artificial intelligence algorithm Able not only to help researchers orient themselves in a systematic way, but also Predictively guide them in the direction in which their research area is most likely to develop.

The developed tool is called Science4Cast: It uses a graph-based approach to analyze hundreds of thousands of scientific publications on artificial intelligence, thus providing powerful insights into the future direction of the field.

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Will an ‘artificial muse’ guide the progress of science?

Among the goals of the group of scientists, in addition to predicting research trends, there is also one To ease Science4Cast In a custom recommendation engine Scientists are able to do that I work as ““artificial inspiration” To inspire future research projects.

To test skills “predictive“From the AI, 143,000 academic documents dating back to 1994 were fed into the device. The researchers then asked the AI Make a prediction about how artificial intelligence will evolve over the years Based on scientific studies. Good, The program was able to get almost all predictions correct: 99%, Which also led researchers to hypothesize other questions that could be asked to artificial intelligence to open up new directions for scientific research.

“Our ambition is Developing a method that serves as an inspiration for scientists, almost like artificial inspiration. “This could lead to accelerated science progress in the future.”Crane explained.

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