Do you want perfect photos? Just a few simple tricks

Do you want perfect photos?  Just a few simple tricks

Here are some tricks to get perfect photos. It only takes a few tricks to make sure your photos are on top!

Since Instagram has become the most used social network, everyone has become obsessed with pictures. Before, when phones were not very high-resolution, it was customary to post photos with famous effects. Black, white, sepia and shades were the absolute heroes of our Instagram posts. Then, with the advent of the advertising campaign on the social network and with increasing accuracy, some trends spread and everyone tried to post photos on their profiles as original and sharp as possible. Even new phones now have a major advantage among buyers: taking beautiful photos. Did you know that with a few simple tricks, you can get cover photos by yourself using just your phone. Here’s what you need to submit to get the best shots.

Sarah Gallerty explains how to make your shots exceptional. Here are some simple tips

At, Sara Galimberti has revealed a few tricks to make sure that with our phone you can also create awesome screenshots to post on social profiles. Sarah had the opportunity to have Manila Nazzaro, Roberta Morris, Gabriel Garco and many other characters from the small and big screen in front of her lens. Which of the best ones can help us understand how to take beautiful photos. However, she does not deny that she is slightly against this desire to photograph anything in order to stay active on social media.

Obviously, you need good equipment to shoot professionally, but for those who shoot just for fun, there are many cheap cameras that can also be replaced with a good mobile phone. One of the first tricks for those who use their smartphones is to prefer the rear camera, which ensures greater accuracy. On the other hand, if you are a selfie lover, put the front camera lens higher and farther away. If you do not follow these tips, you will find yourself disfigured in the face. Duck face should definitely be avoided as it suggests parted lips and a natural posture.

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If instead your intention is to photograph a subject, it is recommended not to center it in the frame but to stretch it toward the sides. As for the lights, don’t think that a beautiful day with sunset will make your shots brighter. Sarah recommends installing when the sky is half covered for more natural light.

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