Piero Angela did not die from the fourth dose: this is what happened

Piero Angela did not die from the fourth dose: this is what happened

Elementary doesn’t exist and Spallanzani never knew it, like that Elvio Giagrinte. False claim that the fourth dose of an anti-viral vaccine may cause a heart attack Piero Angela He disappeared on August 13. Not a scammer profile spurs fake news: this is how hoaxes are invented. For days, social networks have been flooded with completely misleading comments about the disappearance of the famous journalist at the age of 93, but now the denial has arrived.

Hi Piero, the father of disclosure who loves Italians

by Silvia Fumarola

On August 15, 2022, a Facebook account published a post stating that Elvio Giagrent, President of Spallanzani in Rome, was to confirm the following:Piero Angela Died from the negative effects of the fourth dose.” But in Spallanzani there is no primary name with that name, just as it does not appear in the database of the Medical Association. If you search for his name in an online search engine, the only results are those posts on Facebook in certain groups Versus Green Corridor In short, it is completely false news, created and published in non-corrupt environments with the intention of making it viral.

Piero Angela, TV giant: At the age of 93 he was planning for the future

by corrado ogias

Fake news is more hateful considering the commitment that has been made Piero Angela To advertise and encourage the use of antiviral vaccines. Speaking in December 2020 on Rai Italian storiesNot only did the celebrity of science assert that he was clearly in favor of a vaccine, but he also expressed the need on the part of public figures like himself to provide a good example as testimony.

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“Quark”, the popular gem invented by Piero Angela

by Antonio Dibolina

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