Why do films stick to surfaces?

Why do films stick to surfaces?

Transparent films, although from a questionable point of view environmental point of viewWidely used in the kitchen for food packaging and storage. But on what principle do they stick to most of the surfaces they come into contact with, starting with themselves? Interpretation depends on forces electrostatic naturethe same one that causes a spark to strike.

matter of force. In the case of diaphragms, what happens is that a negative electric charge builds up on their lower surface, the charge in contact with the roll, which in turn induces a positive charge on the object/food on which the artificial surface is placed, based on the principle according to which electric charges of opposite sign attract each other, while charges Similar repel.

glue effect. Because of plastic It is itself an insulator, moreover, its electrical charges remain in position, so the adhesion remains stable over time.

For the same reason, transparent films do not adhere to metals and lose these properties when wet. In both cases, in fact, the charges are dispersed and the “glue” effect disappears.

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