Do you know what the best-selling electric scooter is? It’s beautiful and you would never guess it

Do you know what the best-selling electric scooter is?  It’s beautiful and you would never guess it

Electric scooters are now becoming increasingly popular, but there is one model that is increasingly popular on the market.

The world of electric cars and motorcycles is clearly expanding more and more, and there are many who can’t wait to cruise around the city with their zero-impact scooters. Trying to meet the needs of the environment is of fundamental importance, because it will ensure that everyone’s quality of life is improved.

Best-selling electric scooter (

Although there are still many who do not seem to be at all convinced by this innovation, it is actually clear that more and more people are putting their trust in this market. In fact, at this moment we are facing an increasingly clear expansion of the sale of electric scooters, widely used in cities.

That is why models have increased significantly and, above all, there are increasingly specialized companies. In fact, it is enough to look at the five best-selling electric scooters in Italy to see how you can find such a giant piaggio, With model 1, but there is also NIU Serie N, Askoll Serie ES and Lifan E4.

The latter are fairly recent facts that have been excellent in making the most of the expansion of electric motorcycles. However, there is one motorcycle that has managed to perform much better than all the others, as 2022 was truly its golden year, as it became the best-selling scooter of all time in all of Italy, as reported. You two, National Motorcycle Accessories Association.

VMoto Soco CUx: the best-selling electric scooter in Italy

Clearly, the Italians have proven that in order to be able to get around the city on an eco-friendly, low-speed two-wheel bike, In Moto Soko CUx It is the best version ever. It is a model that is comparable in all respects to 50 cc motorcycles with combustion engines, and the peculiarity of this motorcycle is its performance.

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VMoto Soco CUx (VMoto Press Media –

It has a motor inside Bush, With the latter allowing the scooter to reach a top speed of 45 km/h and even between one charge and another it can stay on the road for a good total duration. 75 km. In this case also there are two ways to recharge the scooter, with the fast mode allowing it to go from 0 to 100% in 3 and a half hours, while with normal charging it takes 8 hours.

In this sense, it is very easy to recharge your scooter, since all you need is a household socket. The average battery life is also between 3 and 5 years and the capacity is as well 30 Oh. Dimensions show the scooter is 178cm long, 73cm wide and 109cm high. It can be purchased in various colors ranging from “cool dark” to cobalt blue and even “charcoal grey.” The purchase price of this electric scooter starts from a base 3290 euros.

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