Inter Market, a message from Pepe Marotta to Paulo Dybala

courtingInter a Paulo Dybala. forward from Juventus, the protagonist on Saturday from aControversial cheers During the match againstUdinese, is still compared to the Nerazzurri, to the point that the CEO of Biscione himself Baby Marotta Made half of the admission before the match againstAtalanta in Bergamo.

Inter Marotta: “Dybala? All opportunities must be watched”

Enter the Argentine side Expiration on free transfer In June, Marotta who kept in touch with Goya dedicated: “We are always watching market opportunities. the friend who Was looking at the stands Was it me? Definitely not, I was at home… I say that when he was a player of Dybala’s caliber approaching the exchange It’s normal for him to get close to this or that club.”

Then the Nerazzurri coach retracted his hand: “But we have an offensive division consisting of Four very powerful attackers, We are ok. It is right to respect our attackers. Inzaghi is very happy with them.”

Brisbane Dybala: “Anything can happen”

In studio Dazen also ex-Juventus player as Andrea Barzagli He opened up about a possible future in Dybala Nerazzurri: “In football anything is possible. It must be said that Inter have four excellent strikers. It would be much more than that, at the moment I think it is fantasy football. However, never say never“.

Those who are already convinced by Goya and the former Inter striker Alessandro Altobelli, that the opinion was clear:I’ll take him to Turin To bring him to Milan… In my opinion, Dybala is one of those few players who have this invention and can change your game in an instant. He is an excellent player and I will see him well at Inter, and how. When certain occasions happen to you, you must not let them slip away.”

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Dybala: Things have happened that I’d rather not talk about

After the match against Udinese, the Juventus striker expressed himself in this way about his future: “There was a lot of news, a lot of things happened that I prefer not to talk about. I have nothing to prove to anyone. The club has decided they will speak in February and March, and I’m still at the coach’s disposal.” Inter remain lurking and ready to take advantage of it.


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