DNA, a historic landmark: the complete map of the human genome completed after nearly 20 years

DNA, a historic landmark: the complete map of the human genome completed after nearly 20 years

Massive scientific advances: The entire human genome has finally been mapped. The project has developed an initial sequence that is 92% complete. After nearly 20 years of searching, the final part is now finished

Human DNA no longer has any secrets, not even the last extremely complex part that was missing from the map of the human genome to finally be identified. Nearly 20 years later, the International Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) Consortium, in collaboration with other research institutes, He deciphered the last 8% of our genome The final study was published in the prestigious journal to know. Two decades ago – more precisely in April 2003 – the research body actually presented the first sequencing of the 92% complete genome in the course of The Human Genetic Code Project

Despite the skills of the best in the field, the technology used at the time was absolutely the best for science; So there was no way of disclosing that remaining 8%. As scientific instrumentation progressed, hopes of completing the sequence were revived and so it was.

The T2T scientists also looked at that last region where genes and large amounts of repetitive DNA are located, which are extremely difficult to sequence. Now the map no longer shows any gaps or errors and is complete, in its entirety, with 3 billion basic or sequential “characters”.

This is an immeasurable milestone for science because completion of this project will now allow researchers Full understanding of the full spectrum of human genetic variation and diseases that cause mutations in our DNA, opening up new avenues of research and new scenarios, which were only previously accepted.

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Knowing the complete genetic heritage that characterizes each organism will also allow the development of new treatments e Providing better health care For those who have their own genome map.

Completing the sequencing of the human genome was like putting on new glasses. Now that we can see everything clearly, we are one step closer to understanding what that means.”

I announced Researcher Adam Phillip National Human Genome Research Institute.

source: to know

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