Dirty covered toilet bowl that won’t flush? Find the only way to keep it like new

Dirty covered toilet bowl that won’t flush?  Find the only way to keep it like new

Dirty toilet of limescale to clean – Newsby.it

How many of you have found yourself with a dirty toilet bottom? The limestone that goes on and on, and does not go away in any way, also makes us look bad when friends come to our house.

Covered toilet – Newsby.it

Have you tried them all? Have you washed well even with bleach and the result is always the same? There are some little tricks that can be quickly applied that guarantee the best results.

Hygiene is one of the most important things in a home. Have you ever been to a friend’s house and found the toilet dirty? What idea did you get? What impression did you get? Do you want everyone who comes to your house to face such a situation? Nothing of course. Then to do that you have to try Use simple tricks that can improve your day.

Dirt and bacteria seep into the bottom of the limestoneSo not only does it become an ugly thing but it is also dangerous for our health. There are many chemicals in the market, which sometimes cost a lot of money but do not solve the problem. We will now explain a trick that will make our lives easier with daily house cleaning.

Dirty limescale toilets to clean – Newsby.it

How to clean the toilet and save money? the secret

There are secrets to keeping your bathroom and home clean for lessThese tricks can be applied for a few euros and are really effective. Vinegar is a great resource. For stains on the bottom of the toilet, simply pour a generous amount and let it work for half an hour before rinsing it off. Once this time has passed, the vinegar will weaken the stain, which will be easily removed by brushing.

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Limestone veneers how to clean them – Newsby.it

Don’t you believe it? Just try to realize that vinegar is an essential weapon in the house and it’s not a good idea to just pour it on your salad. In fact, it can be used pure on a wall to remove mildew stains without the risk of seeing our wall color fade. In fact, bleach tends to discolor the walls, for example, those with a yellowish wall through which the bleach will pass will remove the stain but leave a white streak. Not vinegar, but it will remove it making it a memory. Of course its action is slower and less invasive, but you will thus avoid having to repaint the wall as may happen to those who have not followed our advice.

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