March 23, 2023

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Selvaggia Lucarelli, her mother died of Covid: “generous and altruistic” –

From Entertainment editorial team

“I am not angry, because I myself have resumed the rapid pace of a person with an urgent need to live.” In the evening, the journalist appeared in Palando with her boyfriend at the race

“Early this morning, my mother, Nadia, passed away. She died of Covid and compromises. The compromises that we all made in order to continue living, inevitably left someone behind. The likes of her, in most cases: the fragile. Thus, Selvaggia Lucarelli announced on his social networks the death His mother. “I am not angry, because I myself have resumed the rapid pace of one with an urgent need to live. I know that my mother, who was above all a generous and selfless woman, always concerned about the world, would have exchanged – if only consciously – her sacrifice for her nephew who returns To school, for me who goes back to travel, for a husband can walk in the park, for everyone’s life to start to look back in. I like to think she left at dawn for this: to say goodbye to all of us and to wish us a good day,” run Don’t worry about me. How was it and how did she live.

My mom has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for some time The journalist had shared her pain on her social channels, and it is also a way to shed light on “a cruel disease that demolishes the future to the ground, numbs the present, and leaves some of the buildings of the past standing. It mixes time and sequence, a journey made when the children are laid down for the day, a journey never taken before, described as returning from a place that does not exist. It happens that, in the initial stage of Alzheimer’s disease, one often comes into conflict with the patient, pretending that he is still a slightly confused and distracted person, that the patient is a normal interlocutor and (one thinks) that he should be treated as such. It is a naive and powerful denial mechanism. And in that discussion we try to defend not the truth, but the patient, the idea that he still exists as he was yesterday.”

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