The traveler booked summer in January and is now booking winter

The traveler booked summer in January and is now booking winter

The traveler became more insightful. Many of them booked their summer holidays at the beginning of the year – January or February – and are now starting to book their winter holidays, according to the Associació d’Agègency de Viatges d’Andorra (AAVA). The entity’s spokeswoman stressed, “This means that people can benefit from special early purchase rates, where they can choose the type of housing they prefer most and pay in installments until the day of departure.”

According to Mica Terrones, “Last year there was a boom and people who had not booked in advance were having problems finding availability, and there was a huge increase in prices, which made the cost higher than other seasons. So, if it happens again, it doesn’t happen again,” many expressed. Some people have reservations.” Now, “it’s working out well for us, it makes our job easier, because it’s much easier to manage if it’s done in a timely manner, we can get the best prices and you always have more options to choose from,” he explained. Lead time risks are covered by obtaining cancellation insurance.

In terms of demand volume, 2024 continues the upward trend observed last year, when pre-pandemic levels were exceeded by 4%. “Right now, the dynamics we have are quite similar, although we are catching up in this business, because we do not know how we will end, because the forecast is good, but we have many factors against us, such as war, conflicts or stormy weather,” Terrones recalls. But he stressed that “until now, the issue of war has not prevented people from traveling, as they are tired of any political phenomenon that prevents them from traveling and living their lives.”

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Looking ahead to this summer, there are two types of travel that are most in demand. On the one hand, a beach break in the Mediterranean that lasts a week and costs about 800 euros on average, and on the other hand, a long trip that lasts about ten days and costs between 1,500 and 1,800 euros.

Destinations with the greatest demand are Asia (Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand) and America (both coasts of the United States). As for the beach, the winners are the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Costa Brava and La Dorada, which are classic year-round islands. As for the winter season, the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Jordan, Disney, New York, or European cities stand out.

The agencies also detected a trend towards increased travel organized and managed by the same agency. According to Terrones, “There is a segment of customers who used to travel more for free, and now, starting from a certain age, they want to travel more comfortably, get everything done and not worry about anything, just to enjoy what is new.” .

Those who were not so far-sighted and got up at the last minute are still there in time, but “now in June there will not be as many choices as those who bought in January or February found. Some destinations will be a little more expensive and we will have to work hard.” To find the best possible offer.

Cruise reactivated because cost ‘includes everything’
Greater hiring insight and increased organized travel have also reinvigorated the cruise option, AAVA explained, since “the global cost includes everything.” According to the association’s spokeswoman, “It is a very complete and economical way to travel, especially if you are traveling with the family,” as “there are companies that offer free promotions for children or exciting discounts for the third or fourth person.” It can be done in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.

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