Euroleague, Virtus Bologna wins in Barcelona

Euroleague, Virtus Bologna wins in Barcelona

Scariolo’s team got off to a great start, then cemented the advantage with a grand finale from Teodosic: ending with a score of 83-75.

Virtus also amazing in Barcelona (75-83). After defeating leaders like Fenerbahçe last week, the Catalans also got a comeback on the pitch at the end of a match that was basically played from start to finish barring a few possessions. The team triumphed with many different champions, from top scorer Lundberg to surplus Ojeleye and championship finish by Teodosic without forgetting the defensive presence of Pajola, Weems and Bako.

A perfect start

A victory born of a practically perfect first quarter in the attack (15-26) and which was taken advantage of in the rest of the match, which contains a clear comeback for Barcelona who relied initially on the Abrins hat-trick and then Coric’s fires and domination of the offensive rebound. The Catalans were overtaken only twice in the whole match (53-51 in the 25th minute and 57-56 in the 27th minute), but Segafredo always responded on the next possession to bring back a Lundberg hat-trick and Teodosic’s backed-up Baku hat-trick. The Serbian, 0/5 even there, comes out brilliantly in the last six minutes with 8 points and two very heavy triples that fend off Barcelona’s final approach, then is stopped by three straight recoveries by the defense in the last two minutes that launches Ojeleye into a counterattack and kicks off a 200 Bolognese party at the Palau Blaugrana.

Barcelona: Vesely 12, Laprovittola, Da Silva and Coric 11.
Virtus: Lundberg 20, Ojeleye 14, Jaiteh 10.

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