PS5, official color interchangeable covers announced by Sony, in different models –

PS5 He will eventually have it Official Colored Covers Produced directly by the parent company, announced on the PlayStation Blog and coming to January 2022 Also in Italy, as well as many other countries.

As it has long been suspected, due to the PS5’s special configuration that allows you to separate the side covers fairly easily, Sony decided to release the covers alternative Official in different colors in January 2022, which will allow you to radically change the appearance of the console.

PS5, the official Sony color covers

Colors Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple, or Black Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, are the first variants that will also be available in Italy from January 2022 for PS5 covers and will be available for both console versions, i.e. PS5 Digital and standard with an optical reader.

Pending to know the exact and official release date of these covers, the accessories are already available at Playstation Direct, or the official Sony Central Store, by pre-order at the price 55 dollars.

PS5, le cover midnight black in piano initial
PS5, le cover midnight black in piano initial

The pink, purple, and blue variants are expected in the first half of 2022, so they’ll likely arrive after the black covers, which will first be available in January.

Sony’s announcement comes shortly after the discovery of a patent for interchangeable casings that recently appeared, which immediately made us think of its potential, considering also the famous story of casings for sale by Dbrand and the legal fight that followed.

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