Desire perfumes are the result of obligations from the United States to Parma-

Taxes levied by former US President Donald Trump against Beijing increase imports of bottles, hats and other components for packaging of perfumes from China by 25%, via Antonio Lemma, 60, Italian CEO and partner (with his wife Natalia) in Desire Fragrances, USA Leaving, almost 20 years later, he returned to production in Italy. At the old Morris factory in Pharma, Taken by former employees, merged into a co-op and renamed Nuovi Profumi.

Desire perfumes are made in Burma Licensed perfumes from proprietary brands such as Liu Jo, Alfa Romeo, Tonino Lamborghini, Sergio Tacchini, Sports Brand Head and Petite BeautPreviously integrated with Disney products, will be relaunched at the end of the year with a set of creams and lotions for children from zero to 6 years old, turning bottles into toys for small children instead of throwing away.

Our business model is a small multinational company: Lemma says we have one company in the US, one Srl in the Italian market, one Ldt in the United Kingdom and one BV (53 countries) in the Netherlands for export. The group closed with a turnover of 25 million in 2021, but is estimated to reach 45/48 million in 2022.Thanks to the acquisition of Head and former Morris (Liu Joe and Sergio Dacchini) brands that will begin distributing this year, we would like to double this.

Another impetus will come from the financial restructuringFormation of a holding company in Luxembourg. Today we are an American company with branches in Europe, but that does not help us, says Lemma. So we will become a European group with an American branch.

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