An important election for Democrats and Republicans in Virginia

Democrats have the White House and Congress, and they do not even know how to advance their policies. Joe Biden is falling in the election and the Democrats are tearing themselves apart, which is beautiful to watchThe Republican fighter has been delighted since Dwight Eisenhower was elected president in 1953.

Jim Wilson supports Glenn Young, the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederick Arnold

On Purgatory Street in Alexandria, passing cars occasionally see signs of the Red Republican Party.

I have to say that Jim has the backup. Not far from his truck, his two Country brothers In the middle of a forest of signs, stamp their posters in the colors of the Young.

A second debate between Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe was taking place that evening at a street corner. The first was a millionaire, Donald Trump backed in his race, and the second was the Democratic governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018.

For more than 10 years, Republicans were sidelined by voters in Virginia who wanted to establish a Democrat at the state level. However, the Red Feel the wind turn in their favor. It will be very tight, Jim Wilson insists.

A certain democratic fatigue

In Lisburg, north of the state, Christophe Le Menstrell works weekly house-to-house with his team. This Franco-American, founder of the VA Democratic Forward, has lived in Virginia for 23 years and wears the colors of the Democrats. She is wearing her sweater Keep Virginia Blue.

Christophe Le Menstrell, founder of the VA Democratic Front, offers his advice from house to house.

Democrats are coming to Leisburg to elect their candidate, Terry McAliffe, as governor.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederick Arnold

A month ago, Terry McAuliffe, I thought it would be given. But we see Republicans being the most motivated, yet there are many who think the election was stolen from them, that Trump actually won and they are the most motivated., Recognizes the operator.

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Judith Edstrom, one of her campaign comrades, agrees. Because I have to admit that Republicans are more organized than Democrats. We think, we analyze, we analyze, we analyze, but we do nothing. We have to switch, we have to organize, She agrees.

Add to this the difficulties in recruiting volunteers Blues. Many Democrats who elected Pita last year are seeing an effect like, “The task is done, we can rest a bit.”

Unfortunately, everything that happens in Congress feels paralyzed, and Biden doesn’t seem to do things, so it has an impact on the slightly more advanced people who have been waiting. Biden changes things quickly.

A quote:Christoph Lee Menstrell, Democratic activist
Democrats go door-to-door in Leesburg, Virginia

Door bells with surveillance cameras are not easy for campaigners in Virginia.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederick Arnold

Scary doors with surveillance camera

According to Christophe Le Menstrel, the key to success in changing course is the old old door. But this Saturday, another hurdle is doorbells with surveillance cameras. With these cameras, the response rate at the doors drops dramatically. It’s a shame, but that’s how it is, Starts the operator.

Therefore, the harvest was very thin in the morning. In any case, the purpose BluesA month before the general election, Republicans are not being forced to vote for their candidate: there is no question of wasting time convincing them, because this is the time used to mobilize democratic voters, necessary for victory.

What we see most often is mixed couples, in general, that person is a Republican and the woman is a Democrat, so we can convince the whole couple., Continues Christophe Le Menstrell, adding that it is even better Test the water so as not to waste too much time.

A debate like a tight campaign

Several members of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce came that evening to ask for two candidates for governor.

History proves that Democrats control the situation, for the first time, a poll gives Republicans a narrow victory, and the Terry McAuliffe team is not proud to share the stage with the two Republicans who leaned over. On.

One is called David Ramzan, a former Republican who was elected to the state legislature, and the other is Billy Crystal, a longtime Republican who served in the administration of Bush Sr. Today, he supports Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat.

If you look at the backgrounds and personalities of the two candidates, there is no doubt that Terry McAuliffe will be a better governor than Glenn Young of the Republican Party., s’exclame Billy Crystal.

A group of Democratic volunteers prepares to go door-to-door in Lisburg, Virginia.

Mobilizing Democrats for the Governor of Virginia

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederick Arnold

This second dull debate was about Terry McAuliffe trying to portray his rival as another Donald Trump It tells one of the countryside and the other of right-wing radio broadcasting.

Glenn Youngkin, who is unfavorable to compulsory vaccination for state employees, is trying to prove that Democrats only think of imposing higher taxes on Virginians.

Not far from the center, Larry Sabado, a political scientist and professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, thinks that a year after the midterm elections, this vote will be a good test of his ability to mobilize Republican and Democratic troops.

Traditionally, when a party controls the White House and Congress, it loses feathers in midterm elections, he said, adding that he would not be surprised if it happened in Virginia.

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The challenge for Democrats is to mobilize their base. Republicans do not have a majority in Virginia, but you know the world is run by votersHe said with a laugh.

Jim Wilson, a longtime Republican activist, believes Glenn Young can win the governorship of Virginia.

Jim Wilson, 79, a Republican, has been campaigning for his party since Dwight Eisenhower was elected president.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederick Arnold

When the right to abortion pops up

Young’s very beautiful family, very photogenic, he is deeply religious., Says Jim Wilson, still sitting comfortably in his truck. But in the last weeks of the campaign, in his opinion, what will be the deciding outcome Probably vaccine duties and abortion.

The fact that abortion has returned to the center of political concern is not noticed in Virginia. Texas will soon find a law regulating the right to abortion in Mississippi, after enacting a law banning any pregnancy after the heartbeat is detected or six weeks after the last month. Supreme Court Justices of the United States.

Shares are high because it can overturn the glorious judgment Ro c. Wade Dating since 1973, it ensures some access to abortion across the United States.

Christophe Le Manstrell did not hesitate to take up the issue in the hope of moving this uncertain and tight election campaign in favor of the Democrats.

The reason we don’t want to choose a Republican candidate is because of what he did in Texas, he’s going to do in Virginia for abortion, so if a Republican is elected Virginia will go there. It is mobilizing more people this year, He demands.

Campaigning in this polarizing campaign? Betting is dangerous. Democrats and Republicans can give themselves favorable levels in Virginia until November 2nd.

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