Space, US condemn Russia missile test: “irresponsible” –

Space, US condemn Russia missile test: “irresponsible” –
From Laura Jangarini

Russia has tested a missile to attack one of its own satellites, creating a landfill of more than 1,500 detectable orbital debris in low Earth orbit.

Russia conducts military test with space-launched missile to attack one of its own satellites: the missile destroys the satellite and triggers a hail of debris, forcing ISS staff on the International Space Station to search for shelter. Get ready for a possible evacuation. It sounds like an episode of “Star Wars”, but it’s happening in space. Russia has not confirmed the test, but the United States is angry and speaks of “irresponsible and dangerous action.”

Russia tests US anti-satellite missile The direct boom, which struck a Russian satellite, created a hail of debris in orbit below the earth: “More than 1,500 detectable orbital debris is already in motion, probably hundreds of thousands of small ones will be unleashed,” he thundered. State Department. Russia produced the text despite repeated warnings from the United States that such a test would endanger not only the satellites but also the astronauts.

“Dangerous, irresponsible, irresponsible”: Adjectives used in Washington Are wasted. The same Russian space agency, Roscosmos, discovered that astronauts and astronauts were forced to take refuge when the ISS debris crossed the field. Satellites are devices that provide valuable services to people around the world, from telephone and broadband services to weather forecasts, to GPS systems and radio and satellite television communications.

NASA executive Bill Nelson said he was “angry.”: “It is unbelievable that Russia poses a danger not only to American astronauts and international partners in the ISS, but also to their own astronauts.” The ISS currently has seven astronauts, Americans Mark Vande Hey, Raja Sari, Thomas Marshburn and Kyla Barron; Along with the Russians Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov and the German Matthias Maurer of the European Space Agency. The debris “will be in orbit for many years and decades to come”, putting the ISS crew and other human spaceflight operations at “significant risk”, as well as satellites in “many countries”.

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The U.S. military says it is monitoring the situation The trail “Fragments and It” will work to ensure that “all countries interested in space have the information they need to protect their operations in orbit if they are hit by a cloud of garbage”, adds a note posted on the site. Us – “US supplies the world, including Russia and China”

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