The Judiciary drops the case against John Bolton

Both practices were linked to the publication of his book The room in which it took place, reminiscent of a White House (Room where it took place, White House memoir), in which Donald Trump’s former collaborator Painted a very dark portrait of his former boss.

The latter and his judiciary accused John Bolton of leaking information related to national security.

From the outset we argued that none of these actions were justified because they were initiated only for the sake of order [l’ancien] President Trump is politically blocking book publishing[ancien] Ambassador before the 2020 election, Charles Cooper, a leading lawyer who was National Security Adviser from April 2018 to September 2019, responded by press release.

The judiciary has acknowledged that President Trump and his White House officials acted illegally.

An excerpt from:Charles Cooper, lawyer for John Bolton

Mr. Cooper pointed out that the judiciary had instructed him to put an end to all elements of the file.

In September, the media reported that the judicial criminal investigation had passed the stage of the grand arbitral tribunal, which issued orders to release documents against the book’s publisher, Simon & Schuster.

As stated in it Washington PostJohn Bolton said he was thinking of steps he could take in relation to what he considers to be an abuse of power on the part of Donald Trump and senior officials in the judiciary. I think Trump’s White House lawyers and judicial lawyers have been carrying out Trump’s orders., Did he announce?

At the time, Donald Trump was publicly demanding that he be prosecuted and imprisoned.

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According to New York Times, The first U.S. media outlet to announce a halt to proceedings, the judiciary agreed to drop its complaint without receiving any money from Mr Bolton.

The lawsuit was probably started a year ago but failed To prevent the publication of this work Recover the $ 2 million he received from his publisher before the explosion and release.

There was a federal judge Gave the green light to the book release, Ruled that it was ineffective to block its planned publication when three days later 200,000 copies had already been distributed to bookstores.

However, the magistrate condemned the possession of the defendant Dangerous national security by releasing confidential information in violation of undisclosed contractual obligation, Echoes the arguments of the lawyers at the time.

The Trump administration has argued that John Bolton is not Their manuscript is not recognized upstreamThus violating the agreements he signed as a national security adviser.

As usual, the manuscript was subject to review within the National Security Council, which confirmed that it did not contain classified information.

John Bolton maintained that he had complied, but was ordered further verification.

Last September, the man who carried out the initial restoration process of the manuscript confirmed through the voice of his lawyer that White House collaborators had taken unprecedented steps to control the process and that he had misrepresented what he had revealed. Secrets that prevent the book from being published.

Summaries were released on June 23, but not before the end of the final audit Washington Post, The New York Times, The The Wall Street Journal eCNN, which received a copy of the 592-page book, published the excerpts two days before the court release.

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Donald Trump did not hesitate to publicly describe his former collaborator Ill, To condemn a A collection of lies and prepared stories And he said he would pay More expensive For his book.

A destructive book

In his memoirs, John Bolten accused Donald Trump of seeking China’s help in re-election, saying all his actions were motivated by a desire to win a second term. He also portrayed a president Irregular, Unaware and manipulative, its collaborators, constantly eager to resign, swinging behind the scenes amidst mockery and anguish.

He also confirmed the allegations that earned Donald Trump his first indictment in 2020. Republicans have been accused of abusing their power by trying to extort money from Ukrainian leaders. That the Ukrainians desperately need.

In Juices about Donald Trump’s conduct in the Ukrainian case Also emerged New York Times At the full hearing, in January 2020, it said it would not shake Republicans, with one exception, Was released.

John Bolton’s opponents criticized him Refusal to testify before the House of Representatives During the indictment, he argued that he wanted to profit from the information he had.

John Bolton was in a bad position with Donald Trump Left his post In September 2019, there is a lot of talk about the first dismissal and the second resignation.

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