“Spain is colder than us”

“Spain is colder than us”

It’s time for your first mini budget Italy Luciano Spalletti after Defeat against Spain in Gelsenkirchen on the second day of Group B of Euro 2024after the return victory Obtained on debut against Albania. It was he who spoke at the end of the match against the Red Furies. Azzurri coach (Who will now have to get a ticket to the round of 16 In the last group match against Croatia)Intervened At television microphones and at press conferences: “Spain is colder than us”. Re-read his book Formulations And those of others Ansar.

Euro 2024: results, results and calendar

Euro 2024: Collection Classics


Italy and Spalletti target Croatia: “This is what it will take”

He added: “Now with Croatia, we need to recover and think in a concrete way about the conditions on the field.” Therefore, after the defeat against Spain, Italian coach Spalletti spoke about the next match, the last for Italy in Group B and decisive for qualifying for the round of 16 of Euro 2024. At least a draw is needed against the Croatians in Leipzig on Monday 24 May To secure second place (the four best third-placed teams from the six groups also qualify).


De la Fuente enjoys Spain: “No one is better than us”

“It was a day to score more goals, we have to keep working anyway.”. like Coach Luis de la Fuente commented on Spain’s victory over Italy To Euro 2024. “There is no one better than us, we must continue to work with this faith.”


Spalletti: I’m not the right man for this kind of football

After talking to the exact finds of television and radio Luciano Spalletti answered journalists’ questions at the press conference: “Everyone wants to emulate Spain, they have played good football for a long time. I have to be able to make people understand the importance of playing the game as equals, because if you put yourself out there, you will be there for the long term…” like National team coach after the defeat against Spain To Euro 2024. “We need to turn the team concept around and not always leave the ball to others, which I don’t like to do. I’m not the guy for this kind of football. I was expecting an attempt to do something more, but it affected us the fact that we have fewer legs.”he added. “They deserved to win, regardless of the result, we were never involved in the game and only in the last 20 minutes were we able to create something to compete with football at this level. As a team we were below par.”said Spalletti, who later admitted as much “From what we saw I had to change something, but the defeat did not depend only on that. It is true that with those who came, we are adapting better to Spain.”


Zaccagni: “We came on well from the bench”

“We tried to change the stalemate of the match and the conditions were created so that we could tie it. We must put this match aside and think about the next match.”. he said that Italian striker Mattia Zaccagni on Rai Sport after Italy’s defeat against Spain On the second day of the group stage of Euro 2024. “When the coach brought me in he told me the usual things, it was time to change the course of the game and I did what I could. I think we came in well from the bench. With Croatia I expect a difficult match like all matches.” Their home shirt will be decided by the coach.”He finished The exterior of Lazio Club.


King Felipe VI praises Spain: “We dominated”

Like the rest of the Spanish fans in the stadium He did not sing the anthemBut then Felipe VI rejoiced Victory over Italy in the Euro 2024 match Valid for the second day of group B: “The result in terms of goals does not match the quality of our game – He said The current King of Spain comments on the match With his country’s media -. It looked like we were going to score a lot of goals, but anyway we controlled the field and the ball. I believe that this national team can do great things in this European Championship. What do I say to La Fuente? To continue to make the team play this way.”


Morata jokes about his possible return to Italy

“We played an excellent game, the result is not what it could have been, but you have one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he is also playing and today he was very strong.”. like Alvaro Morata, Spain captainin an interview with RaiSport after the match against Italy. “It’s an important win for us, and now we’ll have a rest – says Morata – because we’ll have to play against Albania. Why was there this gap here? Italy is always Italy, I can’t say anything because maybe we’ll find ourselves in front, Italy “You don’t want to play against us, but for us the Azzurri are not our favorite opponent. There are world-class people in Italy.”. Will Morata return to play in the Italian League? “If you return to Italy? The former Juve man replied jokingly. “I will definitely come back on holiday, it’s a beautiful place and it’s my second home.”


Cristante explains the knockout: “The problem was not physical”

If, according to Spalletti, “brilliance” was the main problem for the Italian national team in the Euro 2024 match that it lost to Spain, then For Christanti instead of “The problem was not physical, but we did not see the ball much…” Roma midfielder, who participated in the second half and Talk into Ray Radio microphones However, at the end of the game, look ahead: “However, there is no need to be discouraged, we are competing for qualification and fate is in our hands. We need to prepare as best as we can for the match against Croatia, as we are all used to playing every three days. We will be able to reset this match without any delay.”


Cambiasso: “This is what Spalletti asked me to do”

He added, “The match was difficult. We faced a big team that proved stronger than us. Spalletti asked me to help the team dribble. Maybe I was not able to do it the right way, but now we have to remain that way.” calm”. He said this to Ray SpoorBlue winger Andrea Cambiasso After the defeat to Spain on the second day of the Euro 2024 group stage. Now Croatia: “It could change everything – The Juventus winger concluded –“We have to stay calm and regain our energy to play a good match.”


Spalletti admits: Maybe I made one mistake

Spalletti spoke To ray radio microphones After Italy’s defeat against Spain: “We have not recovered from the emotions that define these matches here – Coach Blue said –. We tried but only by intention, they were more brilliant and always arrived first. Are you downloading? We haven’t lost the pressure associated with such matches. Perhaps I also made the mistake of re-suggesting the same eleven – Spalletti admitted. We hope to come back ourselves, as of tomorrow we will be back on the field to prepare for the match against Croatia.”

Euro 2024: Collection Classics


Morata praises Donnarumma: “Amazing save…”

Calafiore’s own goal was essential for Spain to beat Italy who were still underperforming in terms of play. Therefore, he failed to register Morata, former Juventus player and captain of the Red Furies: “Do you regret the missed goals? We made some mistakes, but the truth is that you have a champion like Donnarumma.” He said to Sky’s microphone –. He made an unbelievable save against Fabian.”


Donnarumma: “Fate is in our hands with Croatia…”

After losing to Spain “Giggio” Donnarumma also spokeauthor of many decisive saves: “We made a lot of mistakes… He said Captain Italy on Rai micsWe lacked quality while they have plenty of it and you pay for some mistakes. Now we do not have to blame ourselves, but we have to work and move forward. Fate is in our hands and I am sure that we will return with the result against Croatia.”


Spalletti: We wanted to drive with Jorginho and Barella

Spalletti introduced himself Also for Sky microphones: “If you don’t have the same leg as a team of Spain’s level, at that speed, it becomes difficult – He explains Italy coach after the defeat against Spain. We weren’t as tidy as them, and when your legs don’t work and you don’t have the right distance to accept a challenge, even character and character are of little importance.” Now we need to move on Towards the challenge against CroatiaDecisive to qualify for the round of 16 of Euro 2024: “How are we going to overcome this defeat? We will have to recover and be able to think properly about the things that happened on the pitch. Maybe we could have done something different at a tactical level, but they were faster and more reactive.” When playing.” Spalletti’s plan Didn’t work: “The choice was to control the game and keep the ball with Jorginho and Barella, who is also good at doing that in addition to collisions, but we were not able to do that.”


Spalletti: Spain and Italy are far below the level

“They were much fresher than us – Spalletti told Ray Microphones that he was disappointed with Italy’s performance in the match they lost to Spain –We delayed the readings a lot. The key to the problem is always the same, we were under-reacting, flanking, and reverting to back passes to recover lower positions. They were better off than us and created problems for us with our choices. In the end, with four new players, we became stronger, won more high balls and also created chances to equalise. But they were much stronger than us.”

Euro 2024: results, results and calendar


Waiting for Spalletti’s words after the Spain-Italy match

Wait for Luciano Spalletti sayingsThe Italian coach, who will soon speak via television microphones and in a press conference to analyze the match The second day of the second group of Euro 2024 Lost in Gelsenkirchen to the Azzurri, to Spain.

Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

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