Warzone Coming to Mobile: Why?

Warzone Coming to Mobile: Why?


First-person shooting games have always been one of the more popular gaming subgenres. However, with the advent of massively multiplayer online role playing games, this category has allowed people to experience the thrill of combat in the virtual world. The gaming-verse gives them the chance to suit up as a team member and coordinate their actions with other people to overwhelm their opponents. In addition, the game allows them to wear full battle gear from head to toe, use virtual renditions of real-world guns and communicate from a local to a global scale.

The interaction can be quite riveting as it happens in real-time with as many people hooked up to the game as possible. Furthermore, team members can respawn after a set time if they get pumped up with lead, and they can also hurl insults against their virtual foes, making the game highly interactive and exciting. This excitement differs from that which games experience on sites like the online casino NetBet platform because many of the games are single player games which need no interaction form others..

Among the most popular shooting games available right now is Call of Duty’s Warzone, which is one of the many game versions of the franchise. Activision, the company behind the game franchise, has released several titles under the Call of Duty umbrella, such as Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard, Modern Warfare and Warzone. These games have enjoyed a solid fanbase, and it is fitting for Activision to look for ways to bring them closer to their audience.

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Here are some reasons why we believe it’s essential for the games to become available on mobile.

Better accessibility

With the current gaming setup limited to higher-end gaming PCs, it is vital to bring the game closer to the masses by going mobile. This will allow the game to reach a bigger audience as it will give casual gamers the chance to immerse themselves in the gaming-verse that Activision has prepared for them. With more people having access to mobile phones, the game should reach out to the demographic to continuously grow its community.

Better reach 

With better accessibility, it also means that the game will reach more people from different countries, and the game can bring them together into a dedicated community. This will ensure that there will be a community that will support each other, a forum that will become more interactive with various input from different people. It may even result in a better game experience. There will be tips galore for different gamers, which will help everyone enjoy the game even more.

In-game app purchases

Mobile games usually have in-game app purchases that help companies raise more money to support game development. With the game going mobile, it will be a great way to expand in-game interaction as players can buy as many power-ups and accessories to help them get a leg up on the competition. However, parents also need to be wary of such unauthorised in-game purchases.


With Activision realising that they can reach more of their audience if they go mobile, they will reap the rewards once the game is released. This also means more people will enjoy the game because they can easily access it on their mobile phones anytime they’re free.

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