All games, trailers and opening trailers Night Live –

All games, trailers and opening trailers Night Live –

there Gamescom 2022 It opened with a bang, in fact withOpening Night Live: The show hosted by Geoff Keighley undoubtedly met expectations, and here’s a quick recap All games, trailers and ads from the evening.

To unlock the dances, Everywhere, the ambitious project of previous Rockstar Games Leslie Benzies, shown with the first trailer and release period has been revealed: the game will debut sometime around 2023, though it’s not yet clear. on any platforms.

Then came Dune Awakening, Funcom’s new game based on the popular saga, and The Callisto Protocol, which emerges with a new offering of gameplay that’s even more disturbing and frightening, just as the revelation of Dying Light 2 was disturbing.: Bloody Relationships.

A completely different atmosphere we found in the trailer for DualSense Edge, the professional console for PS5 This will allow you to have a more accurate, interactive and above all personalized gaming experience thanks to different thickness solutions.

Lies of P was confirmed on day one on Xbox Game Pass, but the much-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy also arrived during the show with a new gameplay trailer and all the magic of the game. Wizarding worldA brand with millions and millions of fans around the world.

In a quick roundup we saw Moving Out 2, Sonic Frontiers (with a confirmed release date), and New Tales of the Borderlands, a narrative adventure based on the Gearbox Software franchise. So a decent space was given to go back to Monkey Island, with the release date and trailer.

Return to Monkey Island, one of the game scenarios

Goat Simulator 3 has been shown in video and just got even crazier, Under the Waves is a new game from Quantic Dream and Moonbreaker has also been announced with the trailer and history: The new title from the authors of Subnautica will debut September 29th in Early Access on Steam.

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After the announcement of Stranded: Alien Dawn and Atlas Fallen, we’ve once again seen the gameplay in Homeworld 3 and news of Genshin Impact 3.0, but also miHoYo’s next project, Honkai: Star Rail with a new trailer.

The gameplay sequences are also for Scars Above and High on Life, while The Expanse: A Telltale Series is introduced with a new video, before Killer Klowns from outer space.

Gotham Knights, Batgirl
Gotham Knights, Batgirl

The trailer for the Gotham Knights game reveals Harley Quinn and Dr. Freeze and Clayface are among the villains that appear in the game, after which Wyrdsong was introduced and there was room for a special appearance by Hideo Kojima, who announced the Brain Structure podcast.

The final stages of the show included the new Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Trailer, The Outlast Trials Trailer, Blacktail one and finally the reveal of the new Dead Island 2 with release date and gameplay sequences.

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