“Del Piero is a Juventus icon. Vlahovic? A great player”

“Del Piero is a Juventus icon. Vlahovic? A great player”

Turin – The return of a “huge” character like Alessandro Del Piero On the field after ten years, and on the occasion of the match in which Juventus drew with Bologna last Saturday, it did not create any turmoil for the Juventus club, from which the former captain separated long ago. confirms it Maurizio ArrivabeneJuventus CEO, before Juventus-Fiorentina in the Coppa Italia: β€œtoof course not – Juventus manager’s words to Mediaset – Del Piero was in Turin with the players from LA Academy, they were our guests at the game, and we thought it was right and fair to give him the opportunity to greet his fans. Del Piero has a history at Juventus, an icon of Juventus, it was right that he greeted his fans. Nothing more and nothing less.”

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Del Piero returns to the stadium, fans in chorus: “There is only one captain”

Arrivabene pays tribute to Vlahovic

Arrivabene has words of praise for Vlahovic, who joined Juventus in January: “He’s a great player, the goals he scored in the league really speak for themselves. It’s clear that when you wear the Juventus shirt, things get more difficult, but in recent months I’ve talked to him a lot and I see a very assertive playerBut above all, he never gives up. Regarding the game unit, I do other work, I am not a coach. However, if Doosan is not satisfied with the character he possesses, he will clearly show it.” Then the CEO of Juventus evaluated his first experience in football: β€œIn any sport with a very high audience, once you miss a target and don’t keep up with the fans’ expectations, everything explodes. The important thing is to keep your nerve and design, looking forward and doing your job well. I don’t see any difference from other sports – the mantra is always to win, but you can’t win every match. Sometimes there are tough moments, but we are determined, and we don’t hold back.”

Arrivabene: "Dybala?  We have decided not to renew his contract"

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Arrivabene: “Dybala? We decided not to renew his contract”

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