Head of Research and Design leaves Microsoft after 20 years – Nerd4.life

Head of Research and Design leaves Microsoft after 20 years – Nerd4.life

Chris Novak He was the head of the department Research the Xbox designwithin Microsoft, for a long time, with 20 years at Redmond that will come to an end these days, has announced its willingness to Leave Microsoft and Xbox.

Novak joined the Xbox division in 2002 as a design director, shortly after Microsoft launched the first Xbox, and became a design engineer in 2007. From here he continued to develop Hololens and Xbox Onebut in 2016 he became Head of Xbox Research and Design, focusing primarily on user experience and interface design.

“I loved all my time on Xbox,” Novak said in his LinkedIn post, “Building aComprehensive experience For gamers it is a privilege.

Chris Novak from Xbox

There are few things that one can work on in life that can arouse such passion in people. I love listening to the players and anticipating the next moments of unexpected fun. “Video games are great, and Xbox will always be with me,” Novak wrote.

We don’t have information on what new job Novak will take once he leaves Microsoft, following a possible hiatus. In a recent interview published by Polygon, the Head of Research and Design at Xbox Great things are coming For Microsoft’s console: “I’m 20 years old with Xbox,” he said, “for me, some of the things coming to Xbox, which are incredibly exciting, are going to be connected to years of working here.”

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