Pioli is already in the history of Milan: the reference to the paragraph to link together again | first page

Pioli is already in the history of Milan: the reference to the paragraph to link together again |  first page

The Milan seat has never been in the hands of Stefano Pioli. The coach arrived “almost by accident” for the firm will of the then-management’s Italian side, rather than for the project envisioned by the fund. Elliot want Ralph Rangnick Instead of Marco Giampaolo who was acquitted first, instead of Pioli himself afterwards. choose that Maldini and Massara who have proven themselves winners given the numbers on hand, Emilian’s coach has already gone down in the history of the Rossoneri club.

The best of Ancelotti –

Master of his fate in the Champions League (same with Salzburg), however, Pioli has endorsed his masterpiece in the league from the moment he was inaugurated. With 74 wins in 118 games, he is the second coach in the club’s history in terms of winning percentage. Only Lajos Czeizler with 64% fared better, while stopping at 58%, 57% and 56% respectively from coaches such as Ancelotti, Bela Gutmann and Allegri. Yes to renew, the sign – performance that, inevitably, also affects Given that the company has and his future. Because Pioli started the season with the expiration of his contract on June 30, 2023, but In his agreement there is also an automatic renewal clause that can be exercised by the company. Relations between the two parties are excellent, there is mutual trust and with it also the will to continue together. According to what has been learned from Calciomercato.com However, there is no rush to exercise this right and, in fact, it is the will of the club to sit around a table and negotiate bilaterally with the coach. Without rushing, because Milan has been reborn and returned a car that was also launched and above all thanks to Pioli, and everyone understands that stopping it would be a crime.

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