Can Yaman believe it, his ex-girlfriend is back in Italy!

Can Yaman believe it, his ex-girlfriend is back in Italy!

Demet Ozdemir returns to Italy as a surprise and Kan Yaman cannot believe it, as he will see her in the coming months.

At the Turkish soap Dreamers He became one of the most beloved by the European public, and everyone wondered if there was a special alchemy between them Yemen can And Demet Ozdemir It was the result of crazy love even outside the group. The two actors have always carefully avoided describing their relationship, although the Turkish media has landed them in ambiguous situations more than once at that time. Now, years later, Demet returns to Italy And I can’t believe it.

Demet Ozdemir lands in Canal 5

Beautiful, talented and very kind Demet Ozdemir She is one of the most loved Turkish actresses in the world. Its success is largely due to the soap Erkenci Kus (Dreamers) in which you see the role of Sanem Aydın side by side Yemen can. While Demet plays a young woman full of dreams and romance, Can plays The Dark and Gruff Can Divit, the head of an innovative advertising agency, who will find himself questioning his whole life for the love of Sanem. there soap It was a great success among the public in Turkey and then in Europe, especially in Italy where it was very popular on Canale 5, where the two protagonists find themselves obliged to explain the extraordinary nature of alchemy: everyone is sure that Between Demet Was It Love.

The Turkish actor made it clear that he has nothing more than great affection and appreciation for his colleague, but the media did not give up for a moment the idea that there is more between them, even assuming The wedding is called off at the last minute Minutes because of Yemen’s potential betrayals. In short, even if it seems unlikely that there was not even a slight admiration for the group, at present it is impossible to attribute one. Regarding Can and Demet, as both strongly denied. But what will happen now that Ozdemir is about to return to Italy?

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Can Yaman meet Demet Ozdemir?

After a long absence Demet Ozdemir is about to return to Italy With soap My Home My Destiny. Based on a true story, the new Turkish TV series focuses on Zeynep, a girl of humble origins who is adopted into a wealthy family and discovers the truth about her childhood being one step away from a marriage of convenience arranged by her adoptive parents.

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Finally, fans will be able to fall in love again with the character you play Dimit who is always able to give great depth to his performances. But the broadcast of the series could also determine the return of the actress to Italy, possibly as a guest on Verissimo, and what she will do next. Yemen can When does he know he can meet her? Relationship or not, who knows if the Turkish actor will try to greet his old colleague who in the meantime is increasingly distant from Oguzan Koc’s husband.

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