Brozovic to victory? Yes, but there is still yellow. Inter aims directly at Vratesi

Brozovic to victory?  Yes, but there is still yellow.  Inter aims directly at Vratesi

Marcelo Brozovic Now towards victory, but not everything has been defined in detail yet. Great optimism returned yesterday, and a verbal agreement was reached between the Saudis and the Croatians thanks to the work of Al-Nasr Sports Director, Goran VucevicAnd a Croatian like Brozovic. “Yellow consists of an opponent that Al-Nassr would have asked for from Inter For 23 million euros agreed at the beginning of the week – reveals Gazzetta dello Sport -. It must be said that the managers of Inter, until last night, were still waiting for the official offer, and therefore the contracts to be signed. And sure enough, if the opponent’s order is confirmed, the game still needs at least one more time to be considered closed. But what has now been accomplished is evidenced by the fact that Brozović’s medical visits are already scheduled for today in Zadar.

Now the search for a midfielder who will have to replace the Croatian in numerical terms has officially begun, bearing in mind that the “new” playmaker will be Calhanoglu. “The signing that Inter has in mind is a midfielder and he is David Vratesi. Indeed, Brozovic’s farewell gives Inter a possibility Finally the blow sinks in. Today in Rimini, for the official opening of the transport market, CEO baby Marotta He will meet his colleague from Sassuolo John carnivals. Logically, the main argument between the two will be that of Frattisi. Inter is very far from 40 million valuation Which club Emily makes from midfielder. Zhang’s club is ready to reinvest the same amount it would collect for Brozovic – €23m – plus the price for the striker. Samuel Molatieriwith a value of 7 million, a player that Sassuolo put at the forefront of the arguments, ”confirms Alwardia.

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