Beatrice Valli: Age, Kids, Height, Ex-Partner & Boyfriend

Beatrice Valli: Age, Kids, Height, Ex-Partner & Boyfriend

Beatrice Valli is a very famous Italian influencer who is also known for her participation in the famous show. “men and women”. A model and show girl, Valli has achieved huge popularity among audiences of all ages. According to some estimates, the influencer will earn thousands of euros for every promotional photo or video posted on its social pages.

Omar Beatrice Valley

Beautiful Beatrice was born Bologna On November 14, 1995 he is a Scorpio. Her childhood was rather complicated since her father left the family when Beatrice was just four years old. He suffered greatly from his absence, however, the unique bond with his family increased. In fact, the relationship with his mother Sandra Malavasi is excellent. Beatrice is also very attached to her sister, Eleonora and Ludovica.

Beatrice Valley was abandoned when her father was just 4 years old.

Children of Beatrice Valley

Despite her young age, Vale already had a son, Alessandro, from her ex-partner, to be exact when she was only 16 years old. Then he had two more daughters with him Marco Fantini That I was born Bianca in 2017, and Azura, I was born in 2020.

Height of Beatrice Valley

Beatrice is about 170 cm tall and weighs 50 kg. La Valli is highly regarded for its beauty and has in fact reached thousands of followers on social media to become one of the most followed influencers in Italy.

former comrade

He was Beatrice’s ex-boyfriend Nicolas Bovey. From her relationship with her ex-partner, a son was born who was 16 years old Beatrice. Since Beatrice herself was later able to announce that the relationship with Buffy had ended for some event, the decision was made by both of them by mutual consent.

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Beatrice Valley’s engagement

When Beatrice was only nineteen she engaged in men and women courting what would later become her future husband: Former Tronista Marco Fantini. The two also announced the wedding date via social media: May 26, 2022.

Beatrice Valli: Social Connections

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