David Silvestri and Solai think Alex and Delia have broken up

last Monday Alex Bailey he returned to GF VIP For another altruistic, telepathic and artistic encounter with Soleil rise. But this time, the guy worked the smart business right from his home in Milan. During the broadcast he never appeared Delia Duran. The next day, the writers called Soledad to the confession center and asked her what she thought of Delia’s absence from Alex’s live broadcast. The protagonist of soap Technical Alchemy: It’s Not a Game She ran to tell her friend everything David Silvestri.

‘Yes they asked me if it wasn’t weird that Alex was home alone without her. ‘Pooh, I honestly don’t care,’ I said. For me living was not so strange to me, I hardly noticed it. Or rather, I didn’t even think of him being alone in his apartment. But that is why it seems strange to me that they asked me such a thing. What made them point to these details? Because at this point there could be something.”

If he only knew that “something” was Delia, he would enter GF VIP as a competitor (But not now, given what happened to her).

David Silvestri thinks Alex and Delia Duran may have broken up.

Representative to live After listening to Soleil, he got his own idea of ​​what might happen. According to David Silvestri, Duran’s absence from the video may be the result of a break with Billy.

“That’s right, it wasn’t strange to me that she wasn’t there with him. And yes, I guess they asked you such a question. That might be, well, maybe he broke up. Anyway, he made that post I still don’t understand what he meant. What is the meaning of what he wrote?”

Southern tiger in 2/3 weeks…

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