June 9, 2023

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Daniele Dal Moro hugging Nikita and reconciling with his mother Pelizon, photos after the GF Vip Final

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

After the Big Brother Vip final, Daniele Dal Moro finds boyfriend Nikita Pelizon, who has embraced again after weeks apart. Shortly before he met the family of the GF Vip winner who took a picture of him despite their recent engagement.

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Daniel Del Moroan ineligible competitor since then Big Brother VIP, he was unable to participate in the final on April 3 (like the other disqualified competitors) but did manage to get noticed on more than one occasion. In addition to being found outside the Casa di Cinecittà to once again embrace Oriana Marzoli, the matchmaker with whom a romance could begin, he also wanted to find Nikita Pelizonthe winner of the reality show who has remained linked by a deep friendship.

Hug Nikita Pelizon

Nikita and Daniele meet again right after the final Big Brother VIP. The GF Vip winner cuddled up to her friend while she was still wearing her gown and the same top knot she wore during the reality show’s final episode. The video of their embrace has made the social media rounds, testifying to the fact that, beyond potential inconsistencies, the bond between the two has not changed.

Danielle Dal Moro with Nikita Bellison’s family

An important sign of relaxation came before the episode that concluded the airing of this edition of GF Vip. Danielle is pictured with Nikita’s entire family: her parents, her sister Jessica, and the winner’s grandchildren. Dal Moro recently had a falling out with her friend’s mother. The woman, during one of the rooms on social networking sites, was spouting superficial words towards him, talking about the dual personality and mental disorders. Statements to which Daniele responded with some annoyance, masked with a good dose of sarcasm, via social media. But the photo proves that all the old rust is buried: The former GF Vip competitor has fully embraced Nikita’s family. Peace was sealed with Mama Bellison.