All ways to get the factory at a reduced cost

All ways to get the factory at a reduced cost

Although we often hear about the PV bonus, there is still no definitive bonus that includes all the benefits.

In a period when gas and electricity bills have seen huge increases, saving on energy costs has become almost a necessity. Indeed, many citizens choose a path Renewable energy and saving money to have a lower environmental impact.

Here are the benefits of acquiring PV panels without spending a lot –

In this regard, the recent budget law has expanded a series of rewards for enhancing energy efficiency in buildings, and therefore, also in 2023, you can count on a series of tax deductions that reduce the costs of installing a photovoltaic energy system in your home. Let’s see what benefits we can get.

The first stimulus to be mentioned is definitely energy income. It is currently active in a few regions but allows the system to be installed by families with economic and energy hardships, completely free of charge. Facilitation is accessed through ISEE and is only active for energy needed for self-consumption. The person who is not used will be sent to the area to make the feature available to other interested parties.

All the solutions to get a system without spending a lot

Then we move on to Accumulation bonus 2023. This bonus for photovoltaic cells is a Projected 2023 tax credit for payments Implemented in the installation of accumulation systems for stations powered by renewable energy. This credit is valid on expenditures made from January 1 to December 31, 2022. This storage system must always be integrated into a system powered by renewable energy or photovoltaic panels.

Photovoltaic panel installation –

Then there is a file Renewal bonus for 2023 Which allows you to have one 50% discount% For all those who fall within the scope of normal and extraordinary maintenance carried out in their homes. The discount payable, on a maximum expenditure of €96,000, is to be taken in 10 annual instalments of equal amount. This deduction also includes any expenses for the purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels. In this case, the 50% discount also includes the furniture bonus which consists of a 50% discount on a minimum expenditure of €10,000 for the furniture needed to furnish the renovated property.

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Finally, this must also be remembered For those who buy and install the PV system, there are facilities in terms of VAT. The applicable rate in fact, instead of being 22% is 10% to be applied not only to material costs but also to system design and installation costs. Obviously, in order to benefit from the reduced VAT, the system must be installed on a residential property by a natural person.

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