Dancing, Cristiano Malgoglio’s passion and touching charisma

The challenge on stage Dancing with the stars Finally, but episode three saw the audience focus on a particular moment, as much competition as there can be. We are talking about performance Christian Malgoglio, stepped onto the dance floor as a dancer for one night, bringing with him a very important message.

Cristiano Magoglio, great performance

Leave the juror’s shoes for a moment like that which appearsThe poet gave us great emotion. Malgioglio entered the scene next to Vera Quinonenwho did not participate in the dance troupe this year due to her pregnancy. Beautiful belly, the dance teacher moved the floor with great grace, accompanied by Cristiano to the tunes of a very sweet song. The scenography is instantly displayed in shades of red The argument the dancers brought to the dance floor.

one of Malgioglio And Veera wanted it to be an exhibition to raise awareness about a very important issue, which is female killing. For the singer, the emotion was so overwhelming, that at the end of the performance, he struggled to find the right words to express himself. “My heart was pounding, I haven’t slept in a whole week. This is a magical moment. I didn’t dance well because My heart was beatingI could not listen to the music, ”- said Cristiano, when he finally managed to break the silence.

Attractive Cristiano Malgoglio

“I don’t like anniversaries, but of course I want to remember that’s it A certain moment against femicide. It is a cry of pain, November 25 should always be to remember this day, because there are many women, apparently one a week, leaving us. There are women who do not report all this, and instead they should do it” – continued Malgioglio, with eyes shining with emotion – “I don’t know If I may make this pleaOr, because I am not a woman, but I hope that my message will reach everyone’s heart.”

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Then The word is for the judges, who once put aside her own seriousness—and the many controversies that have always fueled the show. Emotion in the eyes Caroline Smith His inability to utter a word is a sign of the wonderful moment of television we had that overshadowed the rest of the evening. And even when the challenge started again, Now the weather was different.

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