Talent, the protagonist of the penultimate day of Galacticat de Tàrrega

Talent, the protagonist of the penultimate day of Galacticat de Tàrrega

The twelve projects selected for the third edition of the Galacticat Talent Forum were presented yesterday to ten producers and distributors from across the state. The Germanes Güell Library in Tàrrega hosted these one-on-one meetings, where screenwriters and directors were able to present their project to each of the production companies for a limited time. The Galacticat Talents Meeting is a campus based text competition that brings together creatives and companies in the sector, as part of the festival’s celebration. This thirteenth edition was attended by distribution and production companies from all over the country: Ayhe Productions, Films de l’Orient, Basajaun Filmark, Forest Film Studio, Nebecé, Pausa Dramatica, Coco Films, Salon Indien Films and Efímero Films.

On the part of the contestants, twelve projects are participating, three for each category (feature film, short film and series), for which an individual meeting was held with each of the companies in order to obtain support and funding to take these projects forward. In addition, many joint activities related to the world of the film industry are carried out during the weekend, such as round tables, discussions or masterclasses. As with the last two editions, Galacticat continues to collaborate with Producers Audiovisuals de Catalunya (PAC) to become a premiere Producers Meet Producers (PMP) selection event, which will take place at the Sitges Film Festival, the 56th International Festival of Great Cinema in Catalonia. Catalonia, from 3 to 13 October. In this way, one of the projects participating in the Galacticat Talent Meeting will also be selected to be part of PMP 2024.

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This year, this third edition is marked by the great presence of Catalan talents, and more specifically, Ponent. The short film project El túnel de Montclar and the film project Protuberantia will be presented by screenwriters and directors Ponent Daniel Sarramona and Mireia Ibars, respectively. In addition, several projects with original versions in Catalan will also participate: Andrea Derico Prat with Just Like You (short), Mario Monzo with Antonio Guilipullas Caracollo (film) and Víctor Català with La Masía (film). Other participants in the short film category are Cosmo by Miguel Valle and 893 KM by Rubén Garrido. In feature films, the Argentine project Pequeños rostros colgantes, by Matías Sinay, the first international participant in the talent meeting, will also participate. Finally, the four projects in the series are: Hollywood Secrets by Mónica Dolado; Zawnk, The Deaf Barks by Jon Novas Larrio; “Aldeaseca” by Sergio Alonso Sánchez and “A cambio de nada” by Josep Pujol. This year, as a novelty, each of the three winners of the Talent Meeting (feature film, short film and series) will receive a prize of 1,000 euros, provided by RCService, sponsor of the Talent Meeting 2024.

Another highlight of yesterday’s programming at the Tarija and Ponent International Film Festival were the majestic cinemas. In the morning, nine short films were screened, each with its own directing teams: Mikado, Birthday.mp4, Curiosity killed the cat, Simon, Sarcos, synchronous, In half, Thursday March I Common pursuit.

In the afternoon it will be the turn of documentaries. shooting star I Raynal HouseThe last film was shot in Belvis and will be presented at the Majestic by its director Laia Manresa. In the evening, Argentine director Augusto Sinai will present the feature film Effort Immediately afterwards, the classic film was shown They livedirected by John Carpenter, which in this case will be presented by director David Casademont, known for the successful film The wasteland And this year he is a member of the XI Galacticat jury.

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