Why did Mirjana Trevisan and Biagio Daniele leave? / From videos to suspects

Why did Mirjana Trevisan and Biagio Daniele leave?  / From videos to suspects

One of the main themes of the new episode of big brother vip What will happen between Biagio Daniele and Mirjana Trevisan. The girl born in Cinecittà crashed a few hours after the end of the showgirl trip but the reason, for now, remains a mystery. If Biagio is unable to explain why in the various TV living rooms where he was a guest, Mirjana remains silent, as if the truth does not concern her.

However, the reasons for this break can be explained precisely during the live broadcast of the day March 10, when Signorini will open the topic in the studio with those directly involved. Finally, Miriana and Biagio will be face to face and we’ll find out why Trevisan gave spades to the ex-giffino. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Why did it end up between Biagio Daniele and Mirjana Trevisan?

According to the news of the past few hours, it seems that the story between Biagio Daniele and Mirjana Trevisan Already reached the end of the line. A development that brings with it a question: What happened after they met at the Big Brother Vip studio? In fact, everything seemed to be going well then, after a few hours, The crisis announced by Biagio. In the study of Matino 5 Panicucci Neal is convinced: “Mirianna must have seen something she didn’t like.”

Evidence for this comes from the columnist Patrizia Grobelliwho had attacked him before Biagio, He accuses him of lying. It was she, during a clash with the ex-Givino, who spoke in the video studio: “The truth is that as soon as she left someone showed her videos of unpleasant and somewhat embarrassing situations.”announced.

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Patricia Groppelli and Titocchia vs. Biagio: “Enough lies, Mirjana understood everything”

Patrizia Grobelli He also called Biagio to be honest: “Take responsibility for your audience, the company that pays you to do the job. You made fun of everyone, even the presenter. You made it all up!” He continued: “Biagio is a person who is not organized to be part of this world, because here there are dynamics, and respect, humility and, above all, the truth are required.”

Then it was also to support Grobelli’s words Emanuela Tituquia. The former Danielle added, regarding this break with Mirjana: “It wasn’t the videos she had seen, she had people around her who told her who Biagio Daniele really was. Everyone who knows him well thinks the same way. She is a smart person and she understood! Enough lies, we can’t take it anymore!” finally thundered.

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