Crocito is ‘supportive’ in Tajani’s words: ‘We are allies, but we don’t feel pulled by the United States’

Crocito is ‘supportive’ in Tajani’s words: ‘We are allies, but we don’t feel pulled by the United States’

Who knows how Guido Crossetto’s statements about the relationship between Italy and the United States will be transmitted abroad. And if Georgia Meloni has invested a lot in the past year to gain accreditation with the White House, then the Secretary of Defense, after his colleague in charge of foreign affairs, Antonio Tajani, aims to emphasize independence from the American administration. Crocito asserts that the government “is not led by the United States.” The Minister supports the leader of Forza Italia with conviction: “There is only one Italian foreign policy and he and Farnesina are its directors and secretaries. Tajani attests to a line we are already following, whereas in the past Italy sought permission from all allies to do anything. Speaking of Russian aggression in Kiev, the defense minister emphasized the desire to start “a new season of war in Ukraine.” Season of “truce if not peace”. However, he explained that at the recent meeting of European defense ministers, in Toledo, he had “the impression that we are still very far from a peaceful solution to the conflict.”

It is necessary to clarify, so as not to create a misunderstanding about the position taken by the Meloni government since it assumed power: “There are two lines that must run in parallel. aid, including military aid, to Ukraine, and the continuing work to end the conflict.” On the question of arms, Crocito reserves his attack on the Democratic Party which has proposed, through the Secretary, to delay achieving 2% of GDP in military spending: “Let them say they They want to leave NATO. The 2% is not an Italian option and if we follow Elie Schlein’s guidance we will be out of NATO bases. So what was not said from this situation is: ‘Let’s leave NATO.'” Finally, the Minister gives reasoninga job Vanacci announces that he wants to audit his accounts. Regarding his media appearance, he says: “I did not remove anyone to clarify. But I have seen many characters born and die in this country: heroes are created, then destroyed.” On the League’s nomination proposal to Fanacci, Crocito was not enthusiastic: “It is part of the way politics is done that often brings consensus. It is nothing new.” .”

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