Waxed jackets for him, here are 4 exclusive models…

Waxed jackets for him, here are 4 exclusive models…

Perfect for fall, perfect for any occasion and perfect for any outfit. In short, these waxed jackets are always perfect!

We were thinking what model to shawl More famous, and more functional, than autumnThe season, which is only a few days away from its official start. Well, actually, we only noticed versions of this dress There really is a lot, not a lot for heaven’s sake, but yeah a lot. And being able to pick one up and hold it in the palm of your hand as if it were the only one would be a huge mistake. It is precisely for this reason that we have started a series of related articles Autumn jackets Which starts today and ends at a date yet to be determined. The first date is about jackets waxa true icon of British wardrobe that has conquered the whole world now. Here are some suggestions (from man) Very exclusive from clothes…

These distinctive and wonderful products live their golden moment during the fall season. Introducing the best waxed jackets of the moment!

Parkas come to us from a long stylistic tradition in the British style, which saw these shawls worn primarily by sailors and people in close contact with nature, and thus at the mercy of the critical weather conditions, that swarm the coasts of the UK. A little friendly here.

However, it is precisely for this reason that the jacket being considered today finds its primary properties in waterproofing. It does not get wet, and at the same time it proves to be very wind-resistant. In short, a storm jacket.

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A result obtained with a literally “waxed” outer layer. In practice, a layer of wax is applied, through a spray, strip, or jar of wax, to cover the entire garment; Which makes them strictly windproof and above all waterproof.

The form, according to some theories, has existed since ancient Egypt, and it was obviously not in these shapes, but the procedures for making waterproof clothing were almost the same. Later, around the end of the 18th century, the oilcloth became a symbol of British naval attire, and today it represents one of the royal family’s greatest passions.

At the mention of “waxed jacket”, one immediately thinks of the brand that made it iconic in the world, the English company Barbour; But this form has become universal, and today there are many brands that offer their own interpretation of the shawl in question.

Moreover, various forms of the jacket have also emerged over the years; We think above all that it is about marine activities. But still, it is the original design that is a real icon in the fashion world. So, here are some of the best classic men’s waxed jackets available on the market today…

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The biggest ‘category’ icon comes straight from South Shields (County Tyne and Wear)

Barbour waxed jackets

So, after many introductions, we can only start from Barbour’s classic proposition. In this case we are talking about the Bedale, a model that has been in the collection since 1980. It is a short and light jacket, originally designed for riding horses, and then loved by all Englishmen and beyond. A true Pop Icon designed for the practical needs of riding, with a shorter length, relaxed fit, breathable vents on the back, and a nylon core interior “Drip Tape” that resists horse moisture penetrating into the jacket.

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Barbour returns, although the main protagonist here is the Palm Angels. Here is Made in Italy linoleum …

Angels palm jacket

Tradition and classic colors are fine, but fashion is fashion, so it is also color, innovation and revolution. And so there might be a waxed jacket made in Italy (albeit with a large contribution from Barbour itself) that offers a very trendy pink hue. Thus comes to mind the collaboration between the English brand and the company Palm Angels presented only a few months ago. In this case, the result is a 6-ounce waxed jacket that captures all of the oldest traditions of crossfit, but breaks down history with its gorgeous pops of color!

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Ralph Lauren offers an old-fashioned model, there is no equal in this brand’s category and this is another example

Ralph Lauren waxed jackets

Polo Ralph Lauren has managed, as always, to be recognized as a master class, or should we say classy (and extra class) shot. In fact, the American brand presents this gorgeous waxed comforter with distinct vintage inspiration. The garment in question is made of an English mylarin wax, produced from cotton treated with a layer of wax. Inspired by a vintage track jacket, this design features reinforced shoulder patches, functional pockets and a double body lining that combines tartan with parallel stitching.

The unexpected offering of a motorcycle brand, here’s the waxed jacket for real centaurs…

Harley Davidson jacket

We conclude with the most unexpected of the four proposals presented here. This model is, in fact, Harley-Davidson’s signature motorcycle jacket; It is made of waxed cotton, which allows the body to breathe while staying dry. The jacket is equipped with practical details like a gusseted back, pre-curved sleeves, pockets for personal items, and a snap-button collar that doesn’t flinch while riding. Cool but above all safe in the saddle!

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