Battle Puigverd de Lleida was arrested on charges of sexual violence

Battle Puigverd de Lleida was arrested on charges of sexual violence

Yesterday, the forces of the Mossos d'Esquadra captured Puigverd de Lleida (Segrià), Josep Solsona Battleaccused of Gender violence in the familyaccording to what was published by the newspaper Secret. Today, Solsona actually went to court. track this, Together for CataloniaHe informed his party in a statement that he had temporarily suspended him from the struggle until the facts were clarified and that he would be asked to leave the battle so that the rest of the municipal government team could regroup.

“The Junts per Catalunya organization is dismayed by the reported events, which it considers very serious, and wants to show all its support to the family and people affected,” the statement read. The party also makes itself available to the family and the judicial system and says it will cooperate in whatever is necessary. “The regional and national leaders of the Junts per Catalunya have been informed and are following up on the case. Everything appropriate will be reported in a timely manner,” the statement concluded.

Solsona became a battle in August 2022 thanks to a motion of no confidence in the ERC-Tots Fem Puigverd battle, Sandra Barbera, presented by Junts and PSC-Alternativa by Puigverd. In the last election, Solsona reaffirmed this position.

According to Segre, Solsona was actually surprised in January when he revealed that one of the women's associations was sexist during the training on equal treatment and non-discrimination targeting technicians and local body managers held in the government delegation. Solsona said that genders should never be discriminated against, for any reason: “In an egalitarian society, there should be no associations between females and males.” The newspaper says that as a result of this position, the other participants in the session opposed him and told him that women's associations are important because they encourage the active participation of women.

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