Variation Delta | Cases erupted in Sydney, officials say, a “national emergency”

(Sydney) The current epidemic in Sydney is a “national emergency”, local officials said on Friday, while the first Australian city has registered new cases so far.

Realizing that a month in prison had failed to stop the progress of the highly contagious delta variant, the state of New South Wales, the capital of Sydney, urged federal capital to send vaccines and resources urgently.

Declaring a state of national emergency would allow for greater involvement of federal officials in this crisis.

“We have an obligation before the nation to control the virus,” said Gladys Perriglion, prime minister of New South Wales. “It is obvious that the numbers are not pointing in the right direction.”

State health officials told us “the situation in New South Wales, mainly in the southwestern and western suburbs of Sydney, is being considered an emergency. National.”

New South Wales announced on Friday that 136 new cases had been identified in 24 hours, a record since the outbreak began in June, when 1,782 people were infected in the state.

Australia has long been praised for its early good results in dealing with the epidemic, mainly due to the very severe border closure of the largest island-continent.

But the number of current contaminants complicates the process of detecting contaminants. This number may seem insignificant compared to the number of corona virus cases in other major countries. But this is a challenge for Australia, which has chosen the “zero cases” strategy from the beginning.

Especially since the vaccination campaign is so slow – 12% of the population is vaccinated – many developed countries at one time began to consider the world.

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The virus is “spreading everywhere” and half of the 25 million Australians are currently locked up, Mr.Me Perezglian ruled that the government should “restructure” its vaccination policy.

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