Italy car market: -29.7% in March 2022

Italy car market: -29.7% in March 2022

Still less than the signature – in a month March 2022 The Italian market was negatively affected byWaiting for incentives, which severely affected the new registrations. According to figures from Unrae, the month ended with 119,497 registrations, which corresponds to a collapse 29.7%thus creating a “hole” with more than 50,000 cars compared to March 2021. Overall, in the first quarter of 2022, the cars delivered amounted to 338,258 units, a decrease of 24.4% and with 109,000 fewer cars registered than in the first quarter of 2021. According to UN forecasts, 2022 could close with 1,130,000 license plates, down more than 22% from the previous year.

structure – The market structure in March shows a decrease in to publish It equals 29.7% with a stake stopping at 60.9%. Auto registrations with -37.9% of cars decreased to 8.8% in March. until the long term rental It represents a 20.3% loss in volumes, with a 19.4% share per month. Short term rents in March up to 4.4% representation per month (3% per quarter).

types of force From the analysis by food, it seems quite clear that waiting for stimuli affected all types of food, except liquefied petroleum gas Which grew 6.9% in size (11244 registered cars), with a share of 9.3%. bad Electricianwith a share of 3.7% in March (4,511 registered cars), and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), which by no means holds a 5% stake (6,083 registrations). It should be noted that the best-selling electric car in Italy in March was the Model Y, with 678 units, followed by the Dacia Spring and Fiat 500, at 516 and 495, respectively.

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Hybrids at 32%Gas And the diesel They lost 37.6% and 39.2% respectively, reaching 27.3% and 21.1% shares (27% and 20.8% in total), respectively at 33,164 and 25,541 registrations. Methane, which registered 1,315 units per month, decreased by 70% in volume, to a minimum of 1.1% per month. Hybrids were primarily confirmed with 32.5% (complete hybrids 9.2% and temperate 23.3%).

groups – As for car groups in Italy Stilants It asserts itself as the leader, with 43,426 vehicles registered, despite registering a 36.62% decrease compared to last year. second place in Volkswagen Groupwith 18,547 cars, III Renault Group In 12,183 cars. Among the few car manufacturers that experienced growth, we can mention Dacia, with 6,962 registered cars (+25.96%) and DR, which 1,504 cars represent a 163% increase over the previous year.

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