Drinking beer improves cognitive function: Science says so

Drinking beer improves cognitive function: Science says so

Did you know that drinking beer can boost your cognitive functions?
No, I am not making it up but it is the result of scientific research that was conducted some time ago in the United States.

This is not the first time that scientists have studied Useful properties of beer.

Among the most famous, for example, it should be remembered that beer:
● reduces the risk of cancer, heart problems and the risk of diabetes;
● Increases good cholesterol.
● Promotes digestion.
● Maintains kidney health;
● Relieves cold symptoms.
● Helps with anxiety and depression.
● Helps you lose weight.

Studies on the beneficial properties of beer

Studies on the positive effects of beer are truly endless.
The University of Pisa, for example, conducted a study on hops that showed it could help stop tumor expansion while Professor Jonathan Powell of the University of Cambridge conducted some studies that showed beer’s ability to prevent osteoporosis.
But among the many positive effects of limited beer consumption, one particularly struck me: the improvement of our cognitive functions.

The results of this research came from Oregon State University, where a specific molecule found in hops called xanthumol, a substance already used in the medical field especially to combat obesity and reduce memory deficits that often affects the elderly, was studied.
So the researchers hypothesized that xanthumol could also have beneficial effects on cognitive functions and especially on memory and to prove their theory, they conducted a study on a group of mice, which was then published in Behavioral Brain Research.

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Drinking beer improves cognitive abilities: study confirms it

But what does the experience consist of? very simple.
They put the mice in a maze and observed whether the people who took the xanthumol would be able to find their way out. And it was.
Taking xanthumol improved the learning and cognitive performance of the mice, making them not only more awake but also smarter and faster.

However, the remarkable thing was that it only had an effect on young mice while the behavior of old mice remained unchanged even after ingestion of this substance.
In conjunction with this research, another university closer to us has conducted in-depth studies on xanthumol: the University of Pisa.

So local scientists have shown that this flavonoid keeps the mind young and active thanks to its powerful antioxidant power that protects our DNA from natural decay due to ageing.


After these studies, there is nothing else to add but: the green light to consume beer to improve our cognitive abilities!
But always remember not to overdo it to avoid all the risks associated with alcohol hangover.
Did you know all these beneficial properties of hops and beer? Do you know others?

for us! And please: always drink consciously!

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