Sassuolo – Cagliari: 2-2 Serie A 2021/2022. Final score and commentary on the match

  • A beautiful match between two teams that did not spare each other. One point for Sassuolo, who lost the last two points, and one point for Cagliari, who came from four consecutive defeats. Sardinia is the second remote point. In Sassuolo Berardi and Frattesi’s stainless brilliance, in Cagliari Joao Pedro makes the section alone. 14:25

  • 90′ + 5′

    Match ends, Sassuolo-Cagliari 2-2. One point for both teams, many feelings.14:23

  • 90′ + 4′

    Confusion on the edge of the Cagliari region.14:21

  • 90′ + 3′

    Corner kick for Sassuolo: Anything can happen in the last two minutes.14:20

  • 90′

    Replace SASSUOLO. Outside the Raspaduri, inside Mulder.14:19

  • 90′

    Berardi vs. Defrel, who isn’t involved: Intuition was once again the winner.14:17

  • 89′

    Joao Pedro turns to the area and winds up, repulsing Ayhan.14:17

  • 86′

    Deiola’s outer neck, the ball far to the side.14:13

  • 85 ‘

    Replace SASSUOLO. Outside Rogério, inside Kyriakopoulos.14:15

  • 85 ‘

    Replace SASSUOLO. Traore outside, Henrique inside.14:15

  • 84 ‘

    An alternative to Cagliari. Outside Marin, inside Oliva.14:14

  • 84 ‘

    An alternative to Cagliari. Outside Kita Baldi, inside Pavoletti.14:13

  • 83 ‘

    Tips give a corner kick to Cagliari who never gives up.14:10

  • 80 ‘

    Sassuolo opportunity! Control and shooting at a glance for Defrel, Cragno’s superior response.14:07

  • 78 ‘

    An alternative to Cagliari. Outside Zappa, inside Caceres.14:05

  • 78 ‘

    An alternative to Cagliari. Outside Grassi, inside Deiola.14:05

  • 77 ‘

    Rogero’s left is quite large.14:05

  • 74 ‘

    Replace SASSUOLO. Outside Skamaka, inside Devril.14:03

  • 72 ‘

    Yellow card for Sassuolo. Ihan is booked for fouling Joao Pedro.14:00

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  • 70′

    Another initiative of the irrepressible Frattesi, he was left high above the bar.13:57

  • 68 ‘

    Frattesi hits hard off the edge at the end of a fantastic work by Sassuolo.13:56

  • 66 ‘

    The game is still very open.13:55

  • 62 ‘

    Sassuolo opportunity! Traore’s violent oath, Lykogiannis opposes with his chest.13:50

  • 56′

    Goal! Sassuolo 2-2 Cagliari. Joao Pedro Network. Right board with a penalty kick by Joao Pedro, Consigli dives to the other side.

    See player profile for João Pedro13:44

    Joao Pedro
  • 55 ‘

    Punishment for Cagliari! Frattisi on Joao Pedro in the area.13:42

  • 54 ‘

    Corner kick, Skamaka heading wide.13:41

  • 54 ‘

    Shot from the flag of Sassuolo, Cagliari in difficulty at this point.13:41

  • 51 ‘

    Goal! Sassuolo 2-1 Cagliari. Berardi Network. Low left on a penalty kick, not a big angle, by Berardi: but Cragno threw himself on the other side.

    Look at Domenico Berardi’s card13:40

    Domenico Berardi
  • 50′

    Punishment for Sassuolo! The phratese in the area were sunk by the Lykogiannis.13:38

  • 47 ‘

    Sassuolo opportunity! Berardi on the inside for Fratesi who attacks space, the ball behind again for Berardi who winds up outside.13:35

  • 46 ‘

    Start a second time in SASSUOLO-CAGLIARI. It starts from 1-1 in the first fraction.13:33

  • No change expected in the second half.13:32

  • The first half was beautiful, full of chances on both sides. Keita Baldi’s goal is framing. Sassuolo shines in flashes thanks to the initiatives of Fratesi and Berardi, Cagliari responds with the vitality of Nández and the movements of Joao Pedro. 13:18

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  • 45′

    End of the first half: SASSUOLO-CAGLIARI 1-1. Baldi answers Skmaka. 13:17

  • 42 ‘

    Yellow card for Cagliari. Grassi accounts.13:13

  • 40′

    Goal! Sassuolo Cagliari 1-1. Baldé Network. Nandez’s cross from the right flank Keita Balde with a half kick above the head, leaving the boards no chance.

    Look at Keita Baldé’s player card13:12

    Keita Baldi
  • 39 ‘

    Immediate reaction from Cagliari: Another corner kick.13:10

  • 37 ‘

    Goal! Sassuolo – Cagliari 1-0. Skamka network. Fantastic movement in speed: Berardi first for Skamaka, who fights back and puts Cragno in his position.

    Look at the player card Gianluca Scamaca13:10

    Gianluca Scamaca
  • 36′

    Beautiful cross from Zappa, Joao Pedro header Do not worry Concigli.13:07

  • 35 ‘

    Double Rogerio’s right from the outside, starts with a goal kick.13:06

  • 33 ‘

    Yellow card for Cagliari. Marin was booked for fouling Fratesi.13:04

  • 31 ‘

    Cagliari opportunity! Ceppitelli header cross from a corner kick.13:03

  • 28 ‘

    Brilliant conclusion quickly by Bellanova, Consiglio is no exception.12:59

  • 26′

    Sassuolo opportunity! A cross ball from Ferrari, Rasbadori does not score at the far post.12:58

  • 26′

    Dionysi asks Frattisi and Lopez to expand the game further. 12:57

  • 25′

    Berardi at the door, fenced off.12:56

  • 25′

    Another corner kick for Sassuolo.12:56

  • 22 ‘

    scamacca head on corner developments, ball away from mirror.12:53

  • 21′

    Raspadori at the cross, but no one in the middle: a corner for Sassuolo.12:52

  • 19 ‘

    Nandez right on the corner developments, an aberration that facilitates the intervention of Consiglio.12:51

  • 19 ‘
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    Corner kick for Cagliari thanks to the good work of Joao Pedro.12:50

  • 14′

    Traore right-footed shot from the edge, high ball.12:45

  • 13′

    Sassuolo opportunity! Frattisi’s cross from the left, Scamaka has an exciting opportunity: he’s lonely, but in a rebound he sends it.12:44

  • 10′

    Sassuolo, with increasing pressure, is trying to put Cagliari under control.12:41

  • 7′

    Sassuolo opportunity! Great response from Cragno on the Frattisi, excellent in insertion.12:38

  • 4′

    Cagliari holds the ball, not very high rhythms in these early stages.12:35

  • SASSUOLO-CAGLIARI begins. The first ball for the hosts. 12:32

  • On home soil, Sassuolo Lopez returned after the elimination, Devrell starts off by surprise from the bench. For Cagliari Godin, mandatory selections have practically come out ahead. 12:11

  • 4-4-2 for Cagliari: Cragno – Zappa, Ceppitelli, Carboni, Lykogiannis – Bellanova, Marin, Grassi, Nandez – Pedro, Baldé. 12:08

  • 4-2-3-1 for Sassuolo: tip – Rogerio, Ferrari, Ayhan, Tolgan – Lopez, Frattisi – Traore, Raspadori, Berardi – Scamaca.12:07

  • Last place in the standings of Cagliari with six points.12:05

  • Both teams come back from defeat: Sassuolo has in fact raised the white flag at the Udinese stadium.12:05

  • Welcome to the live match between Sassuolo and Cagliari, valid for the 13th day of the Serie A Championship. 12:03

  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: MAPEI Stadium – Città del Tricolore
    City: Reggio nell’Emilia
    Capacity: 23,717 spectators12:03

    Mapei Stadium - the city of the Italian flag
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