Israel withdraws most of its forces from southern Gaza and ends the active phase of the invasion

The Israeli army withdrew almost all of its forces from the southern Gaza Strip It puts an end to the active phase of the Gaza Strip invasion. As of tonight, only one brigade remains, charged with securing the corridor between southern Israel and the Gaza coast, preventing passage to the north of the Strip and facilitating operations between the center and the north of the Strip.

In this way, Israel temporarily abandons the invasion of the Gaza Strip one by one Possible ground operation against RafahWhich Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened last month.

“Today, Sunday, April 7, the 98th Commando Division of the Israeli army met Completed the mission in Khan Yunis. The army said in a statement carried by Agence France-Presse that the division left the Gaza Strip with the aim of preparing for future operations.

This withdrawal occurs the day before Six months after the start of the war on Gaza After four months of fighting in the Khan Yunis area. Since last October 7. 33,175 Palestinians were killed and 75,886 injured According to data from the Ministry of Health in Gaza, today, Sunday.

This news comes a day after the Israel Defense Forces recovered the body of Elad Katzir, who had been captured by Islamic Jihad, from Khan Yunis.

Netanyahu: There will be no ceasefire without the return of the hostages

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed this Sunday There will be no ceasefire agreement If the 133 hostages kidnapped since October 7 do not return home.

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In a speech he delivered before his meeting with the Israeli government, Netanyahu insisted on this He will not give in to Hamas' “extremist demands.”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a photo taken last February (Reuters/Ronin Zvulon)

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